Having a career that is impervious to recessions is great. But do you know which ones they are? While you’re searching for a new job, make sure you focus on a career that’s not only going to be rewarding, but also recession proof. When you actually start searching, though, you’ll want to make sure you protect yourself from spam, and the Everycloudtech spam filter can do just that.

So, while you’re searching for work, adding your email to get lists of employers, you can not only key in on the recession proof careers, but also avoid the hassles and headaches of too much spam that makes finding a new job more frustrating than it should be.

Here are six career (fields) that are, in essence, recession proof.

  1. Law Enforcement. While police officers and other law enforcement professionals may not make the most money, they have something else going for them: their careers are recession proof.

In fact, when the economy tanks and more people are losing their jobs, they become desperate and, unfortunately, crime increases, which raises the demand for law enforcement professionals. It’s not just cops that you’ll find with this career, but also lawyers (including district attorneys), investigators, and much more.

  1. Home care support. As millions upon millions of people all around the world reach retirement age, it becomes more cost-effective to provide care and support for them at home. Nursing homes have become too expensive and the demand for in home care providers and visiting nurses has increased dramatically.
  2. College professors. Whether the economy is strong or is having trouble getting by, college professors are usually in high demand. In many cases, though, when there is a recession or trouble in the economy, many people return to get advanced degrees or change their careers. This is an opportunity for those who wish to teach to have a great foundation in any type of economy.
  3. Internet professionals. Whether it’s networking, SEO experts, programmers, and even what has become a growing career path in social media marketing, those who spend a lot of time with the Internet, understand how it works, and can capitalize on these endeavors, there are going to be plenty of job opportunities and careers available for the foreseeable future.

Even when the economy is having trouble, more and more people turn to the Internet to find businesses and services at affordable rates. This can be a wonderful opportunity for those who enjoy Internet marketing, network administration, and even security to build a new career.

  1. Medical professionals.

Just like with law enforcement, every country around the world relies on medical professionals daily. People can get extremely sick, distraught, and undergo some type of medical crisis, even in the best or worst economic environment. From nurses and doctors, physical therapist, and many other medical professionals, there are plenty of opportunities for just about anyone who wants to get into this field.

  1. Mental health providers.

From counselors to psychiatrists and social workers, there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to make a difference in the lives of people struggling through life. During tough financial times, there is an increased demand for mental health professionals


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