Top tech jobs that let you travel

by Rich DeMatteo on August 24, 2016 · 0 comments

Working in tech used to be all about installing Adobe Reader updates and turning things off and on again. Now, tech jobs can be much more luxurious, with many of them allowing you to travel around the globe.

These are four of the best technology-related jobs for tech jet-setters.

SAP Consultant

Working as an SAP consultant is a great way to ensure variety in your work. With an estimated 293,500 companies using SAP in 190 countries, and many more using other Enterprise Resource Planning systems, a job in SAP consulting will almost definitely have you globe trotting in no time.

If you’re yet to get acquainted with SAP, now is the time. Put simply it is a software that allows for seamless collaboration between departments of one large company, but only when correctly calibrated. That’s where SAP Consultants come in.

Most SAP Consultants work on contracts, visiting different companies and advising them on how to best implement their planning database. It is the contractual nature of this job role that allows for so much travel. SAP Consultants are so in demand that they can pick and choose their clients at their own behest. You could work for a few months in India, and take your next job in the USA. The world is your expertly calibrated oyster in SAP.

As the recruitment specialists Eursap mention in their article on SAP job tips, speaking more than one language is likely to greatly increase your desirability as a candidate. Not only will speaking multiple languages increase your chances of getting hired in this industry, but it will also be extremely helpful when you travel.

Tech recruiter

You only have to look at Instagram’s latest shameless steal from Snapchat to see that the tech world is increasingly competitive and cutthroat. That is why tech companies are racing to whip up the most talented individuals from all over the world.

As a tech recruiter, you would be the one scouring the globe for highly skilled and qualified candidates. Recruiters from the biggest firms have to go global to find the latest and greatest talent, so naturally travel is a requirement. This list from The Muse shows just thirteen of the companies who make a point of hiring employees from all over the world. Many of them are technology-based.

An international tech recruiter gets to traverse the globe whilst using their tech know-how to make sure potential hirees are up to the task.

Freelance developer

Working freelance is becoming increasingly popular among web developers. It has been estimated that freelancers can earn up to $150,000 writing code or developing whole projects for multiple clients.

The beauty of working freelance is that it allows you the freedom to find clients, projects and contracts wherever you like, be that in a singular office block or from all corners of the globe. Sure, you could work from a coffee shop or share an office with fellow freelancers, but if you have the desire to travel, freelancing will let you scratch that itch.

You don’t even have to find clients in exotic locales to work from them. Your client could be based in a Slough office, but you could send them code from a Bahamian beach and it would make no difference.

Tech journalist

If your passion for technology comes with a flair for language, why not combine them to start a career in tech journalism?

Working as a contributor or staff writer for a tech website or magazine will have you travelling to carry out interviews, attend conferences and perhaps even to visit company headquarters abroad.

Again, if you work freelance, you can write stories from wherever you like. Is there a budding tech scene in Thailand? Fly there and write about it! Is there a hot new startup based in Madagascar? You know what to do.

Full-on travel journalism may offer more opportunities for travel, but tech journalism does not have to be sedentary.


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