Easily Make Yourself More Employable

by Rich DeMatteo on January 28, 2016 · 0 comments

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If you’re on the hunt for a new job, then this is definitely the how-to guide for you! Alternatively, perhaps you’ve never had a job before and you’re looking for your first one. If so, then these tips will prove super handy! Making yourself more employable is crucial to getting hired. So, wait no longer – check out this helpful how-to guide!

Know Your Career Options

Before you can get a job, you’ve got to be certain of what industry that you want to work in. No employer is going to accept your application if your passion for the sector is not evident when selling yourself to them. It might be wise to take a career test. These sorts of tests are excellent for working out your personality and your potential career options. They’re relevant and applicable to both students and professionals alike. So, be sure to take up the opportunity. It could give you a real helping hand. You may even find that the career you’re currently in isn’t the best one suited to you. Knowing what your qualifications can offer an employer is important, too. If you have good results in certain subjects, for example, the sciences, then you may wish to pursue a career in engineering. Making sure you application illustrates your suitability and desire to get employed is crucial. This is what will ensure that you make yourself more employable!

Sort Out Your Social Media

There is a place for social media in the workplace. However, your drunken Facebook photos do not belong anywhere that is publicly accessible on the internet. One of the first things employers do nowadays when they assess potential candidates for their roles is check their social media. Whether you agree that this is ethically correct or not, it happens. So, be prepared. Be sure to change your privacy settings on all of your social mediums to ensure that employers cannot access your personal content. Alternatively, you can use social networks in a positive way. This can make you far more employable. Creating a profile on services such as LinkedIn can be a real game changer for you in the employment market. Here, you can portray yourself as an excellent candidate for any role. You can share your past work experiences with like-minded professionals.

Rewrite Your C.V

Nailing your C.V is so key to getting employed. A great resume is the foundation of a strong job application. Chances are, the one you’ve currently got isn’t good enough, and will need to be completely rewritten. Make sure your C.V includes all of your relevant work experience for the job you are specifically applying for. You should be creating an individual C.V for each job that you are applying for. That way, a potential employer is going to be really impressed with your dedication to applying for the role that they have advertised. Hopefully, your newly rewritten C.V will land you an interview in no time!

Ultimately, if you stick to these three tips your dream job will be in touching distance. Good luck!



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