We all know that starting off working as a freelance content writer isn’t easy, even when there’s a plethora of writing jobs available today. At times, even after getting good writing jobs, one isn’t able to make enough money off of it. The problem isn’t that you’re unable to find the right clients; the problem is that you’re unable to monetize your work well.

Writing good requires a lot of work and experience, and thus, it’s only fair that you get paid well for your craft. Here is a couple of ways of how you can make money with writing online:

  1. Figure out your areas of interest

You can be a general writer who is able to write about anything or someone whose areas of interest lie in a couple of fields like technology, food, fashion, etc. Both of these areas work differently for different people. For example, if you write occasionally, generalizing could be a good idea but once you start writing regularly, you usually focus on writing the most about a couple of subjects. This gives you a good experience in one area and thus, adds value to your portfolio.

  1. Understand cold-calls

Another step to making money online is to step out of your comfort zone. You may have become familiar with a couple of editors and a few organizations that you work for but they can’t be the only ones forever. You have to reach out to new people, pitch stories to new editors and send off your samples and ideas to new organizations. The only way to grow has a lot to do with taking initiative and accepting rejection.

  1. Use your experience

If you have been writing for a while, you must have become familiar with various genres of content and over time, may have found something that you love writing the most about. Thus, using your experience well becomes very important when pitching your stories to editors as when you come from a background of writing many too a couple, you showcase a growth which is visible in your portfolio as well. Thus, count every experience and use them later for networking as well as new projects.

  1. Learn to use your blogs and social media

Maintaining your presence online has become an integral part of being an online freelance writer. Not only is it important to maintain and update your blogs, but also to keep your social media relevant. Social media has become a platform to network with individual forms various fields and showcase your work to varied audience. Thus, staying online is a crucial step towards making more money.

  1. Build relationships

An editor always respects writers who submit their work on time and don’t complain much about it. Building a positive and constructive relationship with the people you work not only ensures a good work culture but also acts as a building block to your career. The better the relationships you have with your clients, the more work you get. Often you also get suggested to other clients because of this. Thus, networking and maintaining professional terms always comes handy in online writing.

Check Out Online Resources

Apart from looking around by you, there are many online resources where you can sign up and get writing jobs from various clients. These sites have users or clients who present them their task and the site, thus, acts as a medium between the client and the writer. The various resources for writing jobs are:

Clickworker: You can find many writing assignments, data entry, research, and various micro jobs and tasks on clickworker. You can sign up on the site by providing them with a couple of your samples and then choose the tasks you want to do. You’ll be paid on per piece basis.

Hubpages: You can sign up on hubpages and put up your work on the site. You will start earning on the number on viewers that your work is able to attract. The site offers a good platform but slow and unsure income.

Listverse: The website is always on the lookout for list-based articles. Writers can choose their topics from the site; upload their article along with the sources for their content. The offbeat lists content-based site offers as much as $100 for 1500 word articles to its writers.

Scripted: This website allows you to pitch your assignments directly to your clients and get work. Though the jobs come with a price, you can quote your own if you want to. The payment is made in five days of receiving the assignment. However, in case of rejection, the writer is accountable for a partial payment as well.

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