How To Take Charge Of Your Marketing Career

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If you’re looking to find work in the marketing industry, you may just want to get good at online marketing. Marketing companies and agencies really like people who know how to befriend Google. In particular, they like people who know about the difference between SEO and SEM. If you can get certified in something like Google Adwords, it can be a huge bonus as well.

The Shocking Truth about Online Marketing

When people think of online marketing, they think of entrepreneurs working from home. Online marketers have created some successful names for themselves such as Chandler Bolt’s success story in Business Insider and other publications. Bolt is something of a legend now. The 21-year-old made six figures from his kitchen table after dropping out of college.

Still, online marketing is not as simple as young adults like Bolt make it seem. You can, in fact, struggle for years without much success. .

In an article entitled “Why 9 Out Of 10 Online Businesses Fail – The Harsh Truth Of Online Marketing,” Alex Sol believes there are 3 primary reasons for the high failure rate:

First: information overload. Online business consists of a high volume of technical and marketing information to learn. Without a clear plan  it’s easy to get distracted by courses promising quick success. In time, a person can spend thousands of dollars trying to figure things out.

Second: instant gratification. 6 or 7 figure marketers create the illusion that success is easy. They often share screenshots of their massive payment accounts. This approaches helps to sell their training courses. In truth, Internet marketing is like any other business. While it may be cheaper to get started, it is not any easier to run than a brick-and-mortar business.

Third: lack of persistence. The combination of information overload and disappointment at not making money quickly kills hope.

Do You Make This Big Mistake?

It’s possible to look at all this bad news about Internet marketing and assume there is no money to be made from it. This is  a big mistake.

It’s true, your chances of building a successful online business overnight are slim. But marketing companies are making a small fortune selling their services. Customers range from home business entrepreneurs to small business owners. They may also include medium to large companies who want an online presence.

This is where you come in. Marketing companies need people who can serve their client. They need employees who have knowledge and skills in Internet marketing. Their clients are impressed by the profit potential of the Internet. They are also overwhelmed by how to do everything themselves. As a result, they are eager to work with someone who can show them the ropes.

7 Ninja Marketing Secrets You Should Know

An interviewer may appreciate the college you attended and the degree you earned. He or she  may even like your apprentice experience. But if you want to make an interviewer hire you fast, your resume should list online marketing skills.

Here are 7 Internet marketing skills a marketing agency would love to see on your resume:

1. Search engine optimization and search engine optimization.

You will help clients decide between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Your SEO skills will help your clients get ranked for a keyword on the organic section of a top search engine results pages. By contrast, your search engine marketing (SEM) skills will help your clients get ranked for a keyword on the paid section of a top search engine results pages.

SEO takes time and effort. SEM is almost instant. A client will rely on your keen understanding of keyword research for a Google ad. You will also help them keep track of the progress of a campaign.

2. Google Pay-per-click marketing and Facebook ads.

While both specialized form of advertising look fairly straightforward, you need to master the nuances for a successful campaign. Google PPC features on search engine results pages. Facebook advertising focuses on getting targeted traffic from Facebook. If you don’t know how to place ads properly, they will get rejected by Google or Facebook for terms of service violations.

3. Affiliate marketing.

While clients may want to market their own products, they are also looking for additional income by selling other people’s products in their niche.

4. Outbound marketing.

You will help clients with linking strategies. In particular, you want a client to get a lot of backlinks so that Google’s search engine spiders recognize your client’s website as an authority in their niche.

5. Content marketing.

You will help a client decide what type of content to create to engage their audience.

6. Social media marketing.

You will help a client develop a network of social media websites to connect with their target audience.

7. Email marketing.

You will help a client build a capture page and develop an engaging series of autoresponder emails for their newsletter.

Warning: Ignorance about Internet Marketing Could Hurt Your Marketing Career

All companies need to get good at leveraging Internet marketing ideas to grow their business. Those who insist on just using offline marketing strategies alone will not be able to keep pace with competitors who use both online and offline tactics. If you want to establish a great career in marketing, you need to understand Internet marketing well.


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