Are you unemployed? Here’s 20 ways to become FUNemployed

by Rich DeMatteo on July 30, 2009 · 14 comments

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When I was part of a lay-off in March of this year, I officially became FUNemployed.  Now, I could have let post-traumatic lay-off stress set in, but instead I created a positive mind set for myself.  I call this state of mind FUNemployment, and I believe the world needs it now, more than ever.

Losing a job is incredibly stressful, no matter how or why the job was lost.  In our economies present doom and gloom state, everyone could use some FUNemployment in their lives.  This state of mind is meant to better oneself educationally, mentally, physically, and maybe even spiritually.  While searching for that next job, take some time for yourself, you deserve it!  Keep your budget in mind when planning which activities you’ll take part in.  While keeping in mind we all have different financial situations, I’ve listed 20 ways you can start your FUNemployment right away.  Take a gander.

20 Ways to Become FUNemployed:

  1. Go on vacation – Take that trip to Mexico, California, Florida, Idaho, Egypt, Russia, Argentina, Russia, or anywhere that you’ve always wanted to go.  Just keep in mind your budget.
  2. Road trip – If an RV rental is too expensive, rent a car or take your own.  When will you ever have the opportunity again to drive for two, three, or four weeks around the country?
  3. Educate yourself – Why not go back to school?  Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular, or maybe your industry has a specific certification that you have your eye on.
  4. Spend time with family – Spend more time with loved ones.  Whether they live in your house, the next town over, or live in another country, use this time to be with them.
  5. Read/Write a book – Why not?  You have the time for both.
  6. Go fly a kite – Seriously, go fly a kite!  Outdoor activities like that are great fun.  My first trick kite experience was awesome, and surprisingly very dangerous.
  7. Join a gym/get in shape – The fitness industry has seen an increase in hiring which proves that many are flocking to the gym these days to relieve job seeker stress.  Not in your budget?  Take up running, or video work outs.
  8. Start a blog – Great way to pass the time, and a fun way to write about your FUNemployed events, or an area of expertise.  Build a word press blog, then document your 3 week road trip.
  9. Volunteer – Nothing’s more rewarding than helping those less fortunate.  Volunteering will not only feel great, but may also help you realize your situation isn’t all that bad.
  10. Catch up on LOST – Ok, maybe you’re not a LOST fanatic, but why not catch up on that TV show you’ve always wanted to watch?
  11. Go on a very, very long walk – Ok, maybe you don’t need to run around the country like Forrest Gump, but take a long, scenic walk around your world.  Watch this awesome video of a man’s walk from China to Germany!  Click here to view.
  12. Ride a bike – I’ve heard that a person never forgets how to ride one.
  13. Update your resume – Check my articles for tips, and prepare your resume for your job search.
  14. Build your social media presence – Connect with friends on MySpace and Facebook, tweet yourself on twitter, and build yourself a killer network on Linkedin.
  15. Practice your interview skills – Check my website for helpful tips, and practice with friends.
  16. Take golf lessons – If not golf, maybe take lessons in another area of interest you have.  Golf will help your networking game, but it’s not the only option if golf isn’t for you.
  17. Collect something – coins, cards, stamps, ketchup packets…anything!
  18. Find your old Pog collection – Did you have a Pog collection?  My slammer was boss!
  19. Paint/draw – For my artistic FUNemployed friends.
  20. Laugh – As much as you can!

If you use your time away from the working world to better yourself, then eventually you’ll find yourself in your new job completely refreshed and ready to rock!

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