Can Graduates & Young Professionals Achieve Their Dreams Post-Brexit?

by Rich DeMatteo on July 1, 2016 · 0 comments

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In the past week, a lot has changed in the UK. We’ve voted to leave the EU and move away from the countries we’ve been tied to for the past four decades.

There has been a lot of upset and anger amongst young people over Brexit. Especially, amongst young graduates who feel that their opportunities and future has been taken away from them.

To a lot of graduates and young professionals, the idea that UK workers may no longer have access to working in EU countries is upsetting. They feel that their job prospects have been decreased significantly. And also, that their chances of getting employment have dropped.


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Not only because they will no longer have access to working in other EU countries. But also because the economic impact of Brexit on businesses will mean that a lot fewer companies will be hiring than previously.

Is there any truth in this? Have our job prospects disappeared? Can graduates and young professionals still achieve their dreams, or is all lost? Let’s find out.

Don’t panic – businesses are still hiring


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A lot of job seekers are running around panicking about whether businesses will still continue to hire. The truth is that although the impact on the UK economy may mean some businesses will cut hiring down, there will be companies still looking to hire. A survey from Randstad has suggested that 58% of business owners plan to keep hiring as normal, despite Brexit. While just under 20% of companies have stopped hiring, for now, the majority of firms are still hiring. So don’t panic.

You may still be able to work in the EU

Right now, no one knows what the impact of Brexit will be on our right to work in the EU. Although we may no longer have that right without a visa, that doesn’t mean we can’t still work abroad. If you’ve got something to offer the EU country that you choose, there’s no reason that you won’t be eligible for a working visa. Or, you may not even need a visa, the terms are still being worked out. So don’t panic just yet.

There’s a big wide world out there


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If Brexit does lead to it being hard to live and work in the EU, there’s a big wide world out there, most of which isn’t in the EU. The US, Australia, New Zealand, and China, are all places that you could consider working in. Yes, you would need a visa, but plenty of people choose to immigrate to these countries for a better life and career prospects.

Businesses will always need a workforce

Even if the UK goes into a recession, businesses will still need a workforce. Admittedly, there might not be as many roles around, but if you’ve got a degree, your chances of career success are high. There are industries that will always need a workforce, so the idea that there will be no work is simply a crazy one.

Brexit will, of course, have an impact on our career prospects. It may change where we can work and who can work here. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still be able to achieve your dreams.



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