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by Rich DeMatteo on April 18, 2017 · 0 comments

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Do you have a slender wrist with slim, long fingers? You might have grown to hate this personal trait if you’re a man but they are actually commonly referred to as ‘artists hands.’ Simply put this means that you have the perfect hands and wrists for those fine, subtle brush strokes that turn a simple picture into a spellbinding masterpiece.

Now perhaps you believe this is nothing more than a folly and maybe it’s silly to put people in boxes based on the size of their wrists and fingers. After all, being creative and artistic is nothing to do with your physicality but rather based on your mind. Those with the creative touch often have the ability to see the world in ways that other people can not. Or, to create entire new universes in their mind.

If you love being creative and often focus on new ideas, you might want to look for a career path that encourages this type of thinking. There are certainly many careers where creativity isn’t just an advantage, it’s a must have. On this post, we shall examine a few of the options and investigate how you might show creativity on a CV or in a job interview.

Adventures In Marketing

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If you look at current ideas in marketing, you will see that creativity is alive and well here. If you can’t come up with new ideas and perspectives, you’re never going to survive in marketing. It’s not just about finding the target audience, it’s about approaching a concept in a way that they find exciting.

For instance, one of the most popular and well-known forms of marketing is the Coca Cola Christmas advert. Did you know that the company is actually behind the modern interpretation of Santa Claus that still exists to this day? It’s true, everything from the red suit to the bobble hat came from marketing interpretation. This shows how important marketing can be and how great the impact can be. You can change the perception forever.

To get into marketing, you’ll need to study it at university. Make sure you choose a course focusing on video creation. As much as eighty percent of content online in the next ten years will be video.

Beautiful Creations

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What if you want to create something truly beautiful through your career? If that’s the case, you may want to think about floristry. On a floristry course, you can learn about everything from designing a beautiful bouquet of flowers to what colours go together.

Believe it or not, floristry is tied into the design. It’s about having an eye for style and knowing what looks attractive and stunning. You might think that floristry won’t lead to a career that pays very well at all. But you’d be surprised because it’s often considered an art form. So, if you become well known, you can bet people are going to pay quite a lot of money for your personal form of art.

A similar possibility would be to work as a landscaper. As a landscaper, you will still be working with flowers, but you will also be choosing the right shrubbery and altering the landscape in grander ways. For instance, you could create an entirely new section of a garden.

Or, if you’re not particularly interested in flowers you could become an interior designer. Again, it’s a similar idea. You’ll be choosing the furniture, patterns and shades that fit well together to create a room clients will love.

Of course, perhaps you want to take the idea of creativity one step further. Rather than creating decorations, rooms or even themes what about designing entire universes.

Become A Master Of A Universe

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This is what a storyteller is. Just look a J.K Rowling if you want the perfect example of this. She has created a world that only exists in her mind and she’s certainly not the only one. J.R.R Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, all designed entirely new worlds with their own inhabitant’s rules and laws.

So, if you really love being creative, you might want to write for a living as an author. Now, to say being an author is easy would be a lie. It will take a lot of determination just to complete the first draft of a novel that will usually be somewhere around 90,000 words. After that, you’ll face the great challenge of getting published, and for that, you’ll need a literary agent.

Even once you have gained the interest of an agent, you can still find trouble seeking a publisher. And don’t be misguided about how much you’ll make. For the first book, fifteen thousand is the typical average level of payment, but once you become a more recognised name, you’ll be able to make a lot more.

Of course, an author isn’t the only career choice option for those who want to create new worlds. You could sign up to be a comic book writer or even work on film scripts. The best way to break into the film industry is to operate as a script doctor. You will not get any credit for your work on the scripts.

Instead, you’ll be able to see your ideas and dialogue play out on screen. You will also find word of mouth quickly spreads if you deliver a fantastic service for the studios of the scripts you complete work on.

If you’re looking to get straight into writing your own movies, there have been many tales told about how people cracked Hollywood. One now famous screenwriter drove around leaving his scripts outside the offices of all major studios. Eventually, one called him back and the rest, as they say, is history.

Engineers: The Ultimate Creators

If you’re looking for work in a creative field that is a tad more hands on, you might want to consider engineering. Contrary to popular belief, working as an engineer isn’t just about fixing things. Engineers also create entirely new pieces of technology, before they are introduced to the world. All the tech that you use in your home today was designed and conceptualised by engineers.

In fact, there are no boundaries to what engineers can create given the opportunity. For instance, right now Disney ‘imagineers’ are hard at work on Star Wars Land for two of their theme parks. Using animatronics, AI and CGI it is hoped that these experts will be able to bring the world of Star Wars to life. That’s just one example of the world of possibilities that are open to you once you begin working towards becoming an engineer.

We’ve looked at a few of the career possibilities that you might be interested in if you want to be creative in your career. But what do you need to do to get started on these paths?

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Show You’re Creative

Ideally, you want to be able to show that you have a knack for creativity. You should start doing this as early as possible and set up a blog. With a blog, you’ll have a great way to express your ideas and show what you are interested in for your future career. You can even link to this blog on your CV. Remember, many people now use blogs as a place to show their history in a business sector and prove what they can bring to a role.

Get Active

There aren’t many jobs these days where you can succeed without contacts. It’s all about who you know, and by working or rubbing shoulders with the right people, you can certainly create a lasting impression on the market. The best way to do this is to stay active on social media and ensure that you never miss the opportunity to speak to the right person.

Work For Yourself

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Whether you want to be a florist, an engineer, or writer, it’s important to realise you don’t have to wait to get hired by a key company. Instead, you can work for yourself as a freelancer. Operating as a freelancer, you will have the possibility to work on a wide variety of different projects that will lead to exciting new challenges.

You will also be able to make a living even when you are still seen as an amateur. Remember, to succeed you just need a small customer base to be interested in what you can deliver to the world. When you have that, you can make enough money to get by until you reach a point where you are well known. Setting up as a freelancer is easy these days and using online tools you can always ensure you gain interest from potential clients.

As you can see then, there are a range of different positions in the world suitable for those with the creative mindset. You just need the determination and the courage to pursue this goal. If you have that, you will be ready to take your first step on the market. Be bold, and you will soon be working in a career that ensures every working day brings you joy.

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