“Wait, your e-mail address is what?”

by Rich DeMatteo on September 2, 2009 · 1 comment

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Attention Job Seekers:  Please make sure your e-mail address is professional.  Thank you.

Why is it that 98% of job seekers have a professional e-mail address, while many  still choose e-mails like kissyface23@email.com?  Like most people, recruiters first see the senders e-mail address before opening.  In the case of online resume submittal, a candidates e-mail address is truly the first impression made.  One particular story that sticks in my mind is from a few years ago.  A co-worker of mine, Stacey, was recruiting for a technical opening and was just getting to reviewing resumes she received over night for the position.  Without warning Stacey blew up into laughter.  She had received a resume from someone using kinkyboots420@email.com as their address.  Kinkyboots?  As if kinkyboots wasn’t enough, this superstar candidate wanted employers to know  his/her favorite number as well…420.  You can’t get much more nutty banana party than this.

Although kinkyboots most likely wasn’t offered a job with our client, this particular job seeker provided a non-stop source of comedic relief within our team, living on in infamy.  Other staffing professionals have similar stories surrounding unprofessional job seekers.  If you’re friends with a recruiter, ask them to tell you a story about one, not only will you laugh but you’ll learn what not to do in your job search. If for some reason you aren’t friends with a recruiter, then make friends.  They are some of the hardest working, most determined, and hilarious people you’ll meet.  Back to business I go.

Most of you, hopefully all of you reading this have mastered utilizing a professional e-mail addresses.  Let’s use my name to provide some examples of professional addresses.

  • R.DeMatteo@e-mail.com
  • Rich.DeMatteo@e-mail.com
  • RichardDeMatteo@e-mail.com
  • RichieD@e-mail.com (nick names are OK, as long as they are appropriate)
  • DeMatteo@e-mail.com
  • Rich.B.DeMatteo@e-mail.com

Easy enough, right?  Combinations of first, middle, and last name should do the trick.  Here are some examples of unprofessional e-mail addresses:

  • SlickRick@e-mail.com
  • BigPimpRich@e-mail.com
  • LOSTfan98@e-mail.com
  • Ineedajob@e-mail.com (desperation never helps)
  • HotPants27@e-mail.com
  • KornOnTheJob@-email.com

What have we learned?  Stay away from hobbies, desperation, inappropriate numbers, and anything that Hannah Montana wouldn’t say.

Homework Assignment: Do any of the recruiters reading this have anything to add?  Share some of the awkward, wacky, or just nutty e-mail addresses you’ve come across.  Feel free to change up the given address a bit, no need to give away anyones e-mail.

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  1. […] Another insight that i find to be useful was shared by Joey, she mentioned the need of having a professional email address to be the fundamental of building a digital profile. I too agreed that we shouldn’t be using funky email address like “YYwantsAjob@hotmail.com” , as it would definitely make a bad first impression to your employers . (DeMatteo, 2009).  […]