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by Rich DeMatteo on May 17, 2011 · 2 comments

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Hey everyone, I’m really excited to share a new FREE ebook that I was a part of.  Click the links or the picture to check out the book, and also check out my quick blurb!


Marty McDonald, a great friend, business partner, and recruiter from Philadelphia, reached out about an ebook idea he wanted to toss together.  Marty wanted to create an ebook that featured other top minds in recruiting and career coaching, and use their stories to educate job seekers on what to do, and also what NOT to do when interviewing.  I helped assemble the team, edit the ebook contributions, and I even tossed in my own page.

What I love about this ebook is that Recruiters/Career Coaches were all asked the same questions, and it was their job to provide their top tips and advice without adding in a bunch of fluff.  The ebook provides a quick read that gets right down to business for job seekers.  You’ll also find yourself giggling a bit (or a lot) when reading through the interview horror stories questions.

Here’s the full list of ebook contributers:


Oh, and one last thing to note!  The ebook was produced by Bad Rhino Inc., a new Social Media Marketing Firm that Marty and I have started.  We’re really excited about this new venture and working with companies on developing or improving their online presence through social media.  Contact me if interested in hearing more or visit!

Interested in making your own eBook?  Click here to learn how to make an eBook!



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These tips are very good and i like this. Pls send such type of important information so that we can have such ideas .............