Haven’t heard back? Can you apply again?

by Rich DeMatteo on July 17, 2009 · 0 comments

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More than a few friends of mine have asked this question lately, so it appears like a  perfect topic for Corn on the Job.  I think today I’ll cut right to the answer, and give you some more thought after.  Yes, definitely send your application/resume to the company again, but please make sure you give it a healthy amount of time before doing so.  If absolutely nothing is sent your way after two weeks then go ahead, and send an application, resume, or email them again.

One thing to consider before you let fury become you.  Times are tough, and layoffs have sent HR representatives and recruiters packing.  It’s true that the company may have less jobs, but the open positions they do have may be collecting 10 to 15 times more resumes than it would have before the economy went tumbling.  Imagine being the recruiter responsible for managing those resumes, and needing to sort out 300 (that’s very low) resumes for one position.  Not an easy task, and things can get sticky.  I pray at night that the recruiter responsible for this task has a darn good applicant tracking system to help send responses out to waiting candidates.  If not, then I’m sure that’s why you haven’t heard back.

While I do believe it’s OK to send in your resume twice, please don’t go banana’s sending in three, four, five, or more times.  After applying twice it’s time to start applying to other companies while your resume/application is being processed.  If you don’t hear back then maybe it’s time to realize that the company ‘is just not that into you’.   Stay positive about it, they are just keeping you available for the lucky company that you’ll fit perfectly into.

Last thing, if you are absolutely positive that you’ve just applied twice to your dream job and still heard nothing, then go ahead and try one more time.  Now all you can do is sit back and listen to the words of John Lennon, “let it be”.

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