Why Do Long Interview Processes Fail? (win a professional resume edit, contest details at bottom)

by Rich DeMatteo on November 1, 2009 · 29 comments

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job search frustration Want to win an absolutely FREE Professional Resume Edit complete by Vertical Media Solutions (www.vmsolu.com)?  Read contest details at the bottom! All participants win!

Top talent moves fast, so why do companies insist on interview/hiring processes that take forever?  Most of us have been part of an incredibly awful interview process before, or at least know someone that has.  It’s never fun, and I can ensure you it’s not a walk in the park for the organization either.  Recently, I was researching company interview strategies and came across an example of a terribly long process that I’m sure results in frustrated candidates and lost talent for the organization.  Here are the painful 7 steps in their process:

  1. Resume submittal/Quick initial phone Screen if resume meets basic qualifications
  2. Candidate takes at least 1 skill assessment test
  3. Second phone screen lasting one hour with their recruiter (an hour, really?)
  4. Face-to-face interview with hiring manager lasting 2 hours (finally)
  5. Candidate takes personality assessment test (find something sharp, and stab me, please)
  6. Second face-to-face interview with hiring manager and team members (why not meet the team the first time around?)
  7. Offer presented.   Contingent on successful background and reference check (if the candidate is still around)

Why do long interview processes like this fail?

Processes like the one above drive candidates absolutely bonkers.   People (especially top talent) aren’t willing to wait forever and will jump on the first opportunity that comes their way.  A process like the one above would take at least 3-4 weeks to schedule.  Not only does the candidate need to make room for each terrible step, but the recruiter, hiring manager, and team members of the organization need to plan time.  The elongated process greatly increases the risk of losing talent to competitors and other companies.

What would I change?

There is much I would change about the above process to make it run smoother for the organization and candidate.  Here is the process that I would implement:

  1. Resume Submittal/Phone Screen with recruiter (just one phone screen needed)
  2. Skill and Personality Assessments Complete by Candidate (if these tests are critical, get them out of the way first)
  3. Face-to-face interview with hiring manager and team members (panel interview possibly)
  4. Offer presented.  Contingent on successful background and reference check (done!)

The process I outlined works, I’ve implemented a process like that and received excellent feed back from candidates.  People do not like having to go back to an interview site or plan for 3, 4, or 5 separate screening sessions .  Many people that are already working want to spend their vacation time on the beach, not in your office.  Those that are unemployed hope the process moves quick and makes good use of their time.  It’s simple, just treat candidates like customers and everyones happy.

Contest Details – Win a FREE Professional Resume Edit

Vertical Media Solutions, the official resume writing company of CornOnTheJob is giving away a FREE resume edit to one of my readers.  Along with this great prize, EVERY participant will receive an incredible discount to any of the services they offer.  To participate, just comment on this post and your name will be entered into a random drawing out of a hat!  Here are more details:

  • What should your comment say? – Ask a question about a step in the interview process, tell me about a terrible interview process you’ve been involved in, tell me about the longest you needed to wait to hear back from a company, or anything you’d like me to hear/know!  Simply, just respond with a comment and you’ll be entered into a random drawing!
  • How do you win? – When you comment, your name enters a random drawing out of a hat.  I will email you once I receive your comment
  • When does contest start/end? – Starts 12:00AM Monday, November 2nd and Ends 11:59PM Friday, November 6th

More about the prizes!

  • Winner – Receives a FREE Resume Edit ($150 value) complete by Vertical Media Solutions. Winner also receives a FREE 30 minute Interview Preparation session.  This session can be used within 180 days from the end of the contest.  This is a $200 value total completely FREE!
  • Participant Prize – Each participant receives a 20% discount on any services that Vertical Media Solutions offers.  Please take note that the purchase must come within 7 days of the contests completion.  With purchase of any service, the participant will also receive a FREE 30 minute Interview Preparation session, which can be used within 180 days from their purchase.

*Please note that a resume edit is an edit to your current resume.  Vertical Media Solutions will look for ways to improve your existing resume, which is the first thing the hiring manager/recruiter sees from you.

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