Your recruiter <3's you

by Rich DeMatteo on January 20, 2010 · 1 comment

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Turn on Charm EY

Photo Credit - Eric Yeager

Have a bit of interview anxiety?  Here’s a quick tip – your recruiter is pulling for you.

While most places aren’t hiring in bulk like they used to, recruiting/staffing has been cut back, which doubles, or even triples the work load a recruiter has on their plate.  When someone calls about your resume, it’s because you look the part on paper and they are hoping you are the part. This should instill some confidence in you.

After passing the phone screen and scheduling a face-to-face interview, you best believe the hiring team is excited and wants you to be the one.  Sure, this doesn’t mean you are a lock for the job, but up until this point they are loving your stuff, so try to smile, relax, and then charm the shit out of your interviewer(s).

Stay positive through out the process, a negative attitude will only cause setbacks.  I read a post from Nicole Crimaldi yesterday on using the Law of Attraction to attain your goals.  It is a great post on the power of positive thought, and I’m a 100% believer in how a positive attitude and positive thought becomes who you are.  BELIEVE that you are the best fit for the position and KNOW that you will perform wonderfully on the interview.  You might find yourself surprised to see how much better you interview once setting your attitude straight.

One last thing.  Just because your recruiter may <3 you, this doesn’t give you the right to act like their best friend.  Stay professional, and keep your personal distance them until you gain co-worker status.  Sarah White urges you to quit being so nice, and stop e-mailing her pictures of cute kitties.  Just because we are your recruiter, it doesn’t mean you can Facebook us, or send “What’s up?” e-mails our way.  Doing that will be creepy, and we won’t be pulling for you anymore.

Got it?

Photo Credit – Eric Yeager

Recruiters: Do you agree with me?  Have a funny/creepy story to share about candidates being too nice/weird?  Think I’m a jackass?  Whatever you’re thinking, I’d like to know.

Job Seekers: What helps with your interview stress/anxiety?  Ever do something nice for your recruiter before or after being hired?

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