It’s All Greek To Me: How Your Personality Type Should Shape Your Career

by Rich DeMatteo on February 1, 2017 · 0 comments

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The Greek Gods; champions of mythology, rulers of everything from the sky to the space beneath the earth. And they have… precisely what, to do with your job search?

The above question is a valid one, but never fear; there is a point to this link. The Gods and Goddesses of Grecian mythology were personifications of a distinct set of character types. Each has their own strength, their own weakness and their own area of expertise – and they differ vastly from one another.

The careers that we choose depend hugely on our personality. In fact, it could be said that if we are not selecting an occupation based on our personality, we’re not doing it right. There are some careers you are instinctively, almost primordially, not going to be a good fit for. You just aren’t cut from the right cloth. But for other occupations, you are the perfect candidate.

By streamlining the multitude of human personalities into the Greek Gods and what they stood for, you can find your next step forward in your job search. Rather than making yourself a job-seeking square peg trying to fit into a round hole, you can find something that suits you. It’s ancient wisdom and knowledge for the modern times.

You can see which of the below sounds the most familiar to your personality, how you operate and your strengths and weaknesses – then follow the career ideas from there.


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Zeus was the leader of the Olympian Gods, charged with power over the sky and – memorably – lightning. In modern parlance, he was the CEO of the world.

Are You A Zeus?

Strengths: Leadership. Intelligence. A certain cut-throat personality; Zeus pushed aside his brothers to become leader of the Olympians. You strive to succeed and are not afraid to step on toes. Confidence.

Weaknesses: Arrogance and over-estimating your capabilities.

Careers That Suit A Zeus: If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, it’s a good fit for you. You’d also do well in business and management, something that brings power and responsibility. Teamwork is not necessarily a strong suit, so look for roles where you can work more independently.


The wife (and also sister, but the less said about that the better, don’t you think?) of Zeus, Hera was Queen of the Gods.

Are You A Hera?

Strengths: Kindness, compassion and a strong sense of social justice. You care about the ills of the world and want to fix them, often to the point of righteous anger. Your primary concern is that the world works for its people rather than its corporations.

Weaknesses: A tendency to be judgmental of those who don’t share your worldview. Irritation and impatience are also quick to rise to the surface.

Careers That Suit A Hera: The obvious solution is anything in the charity sector, but this is not the only option. Law is a good field for those with a Hera personality, especially in defense law or environmental work. You’ll work well in a team though can also manage independently, so long as you feel the work is productive. A standard office job will not suit you; you need to feel like you’re making a difference of some kind to the world.

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Hephaestus was the son of Hera – and only Hera, he has no acknowledged father. Those Greeks and their crazy gods, hey?

Are You A Hephaestus?

Strengths: Problem-solving. Creation. Patience. You can put things together and take them apart again; you have a natural interest in how things work. You’re even-tempered, calm in a crisis and always have a practical solution to a problem.

Weaknesses: You’re not the most imaginative person. You can create what others design for you, but lack your own innovative ideas.

Careers That Suit A Hephaestus: In mythology, Hephaestus was always depicted as a carpenter or ironsmith. These remain good options for this personality type, but there’s also a modern spin to be taken. Careers in IT support, plumbing and anything involving construction will make the best of your character.

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The God of good times and letting the wine flow, Dionysus was the Greek equivalent of a party boy.

Are You A Dionysus?

Strengths: Exuberant, relatable personality. A Dionysus is never stuck for words. The ultimate extrovert with plenty of energy, always thinking of ways to bring enjoyment and pleasure.

Weaknesses: As with anyone who enjoys a good time, you cannot stand to be bored. No one enjoys boredom or repetition, but a Dionysus will find it particularly stifling.

Careers That Suit A Dionysus: Holiday rep is a good place to begin, but if you want to stay at home, look into event planning. You can let your ideas run riot for the benefit of other people and will find it stimulating enough to keep your wandering attention. Look for roles where the focus is on people being happy, which can even be boiled down to working in customer service.

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Demeter was the Goddess of agriculture and was, in myth, responsible for the seasons themselves.

Are You A Demeter?

Strengths: Caring. Nurturing. A Demeter is fiercely loyal to the people they care about and is less concerned with making it big in their career. You’re more focused on finding a job with a good work/life balance. A Demeter will also have a strong protective streak.

Weaknesses: You are not made for the ruthless, modern world of high-level business. A Demeter will also sometimes struggle to see the “big picture”, much more focused on the world around them than the global scene.

Careers That Suit A Demeter: Focus more on the scheduling of your career than the actual occupation. A Demeter wants a reliable schedule that has them home at the same time every day. You have the even temperament required for office work and will flourish within a set schedule and routine. Regular working patterns are essential, so factory or office work will bring more happiness than traditionally powerful positions.

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One of the most recognizable of the Olympian Gods, Hermes was the messenger of the Gods – but that’s not all he was good at.

Are You A Hermes?

Strengths: A Hermes can hold and retain vast quantities of information without breaking a sweat. You work quickly and efficiently, with an eager mind. You can mitigate disputes and calm down frayed tempers. A Hermes is interested in everything, how the world works and how to make it better.

Weaknesses: Your attention span is short. A Hermes needs constant stimulation and will struggle without it. You’re also ripe for being taken advantage of by more ruthless colleagues, as your amiable nature is seen as a weakness by some.

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Careers That Suit A Hermes: While the obvious suggestion is in the postal service, look beyond that. Hermes was the God of Diplomacy (almost all the Olympians pulled double or triple duty) and you thrive on these skills. Mediation, counseling and dispute management are all roles that you will thrive in. You also have a way with words, so consider journalism – delivering news just like the Hermes of myth, but fit for the modern world.


One Final Tip: Don’t let gender be your guide here. The Gods and Goddesses were representations only, so don’t try and shoehorn yourself into a fit just because of gender. Look at the attributes beneath that, apply them to your job search, and you’ll soon be reaching the top of the (Olympian) mountain.


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