10 Ways to Change Your Daily Routine for Job Search Success

by Rich DeMatteo on March 13, 2012 · 6 comments

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Life at Bad Rhino has been insane the last couple weeks and we have a pretty big week with a client grand opening and our day on IWearYourShirt.com this Thursday.  However, I wanted to pop in with a quick tip for your Tuesday!

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Still looking for a job?  Change your routine!

If you’ve been job searching for more than you’d like, you’ve probably settled into a bit of a routine and I imagine you’ve become bored.  There are a number of ways to spice up your life and your job search to help meet more people.  Sure, I could start comparing this to dating, but it’s been done…thousands of times.

Here are 10 quick ways for you to change up your routines and meet new people that may offer connections for your job search:

  • Freeze your current gym membership and sign up for a month or two at another gym.
  • Try a different coffee shop.
  • Go to happy hour 3 times per week, each time at a different place.
  • Join a bowling league.  Not only do you meet tons of people, it’s actually fun.
  • Join a softball league… okay…any league will do.  Maybe you like darts?
  • Like art?  Take a class.
  • Wake up at a different time  each day, which changes when you run your errands.
  • Ride the bus.
  • Go to a dog park.  People with dogs have jobs too.
  • Walk everywhere.  Everyone knows the local neighborhood walker.
There’s a ton you can do to change it up, and I’m certain that most of the above events are actually fun as well.
What do you have to lose?




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Ad Rusher
Ad Rusher

Great advice. Business Networking events can be very good as well. I've met a couple of students at these events and you never know you might just meet a business owner who is thinking of hiring someone!

Beth Anne
Beth Anne

I should try some of these things. It's been hard to do any of these things with not having a car and only having a bus that runs 8-6 4 times a day..

Nick@ IT Jobs
Nick@ IT Jobs

It is a good idea to do all these things but it's worth pointing out that you have to talk to people too. Most people on the bus just sit there with headphones on and if you start approaching strangers in the park who are walking their dogs you might get a face full of mace!