Corn On the Job’s Top 25 Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow

by Rich DeMatteo on May 29, 2012 · 2 comments

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When I launched Corn on the Job in July of 2009, I was unemployed, and in my own way, starting a job search of my own.  To be perfectly honest, the end result was more of a life search to understand who I was, where I’ve been, and most importantly, where I should be.  Much has come from that search, ultimately leading to the formation and launch of Bad Rhino Social Media, where I spend a great deal of my time these days.

In Corn on the Job’s (nearly) three year existence, I’ve been inspired by countless career experts.  Through email, online, phone, and in-person conversations, each of the experts I’ve interacted with pushed me to be a better blogger for my audience here on Corn on the Job.  For this reason, I wanted to create a list to highlight my personal favorite career experts.

 Top 25 Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow

#1 – @TimsStrategy

 Tim Tyrell-Smith may not know exactly how much I respect and admire his work.  When we had a phone call at some point in 2010, I was immediately impressed and have enjoyed reading his helpful articles and tweets since.  You can check out his blog/website at and make sure to check out, “10 Signs You Are Being Lazy on Linkedin”


#2 – @JobHuntOrg

Started by Susan P. Joyce, continuously pushes amazing articles for job seekers, by a number of different career experts.  There are entire sections built out for every level of the job search.  For the new job seekers, check out the Online Job Search Tutorial


#3 – @UndercoverRec

Started by Jorgen Sundberg, Undercover Recruiter posts incredible content for job seekers, recruiters, and anyone in the career space.  When you follow their Twitter account, you won’t be disappointed by the mass of helpful links.  Stop by and make sure to read, “5 Less Than Obvious Ways to Network with People”.


#4 – @JobHuntChat

#JobHuntChat was invented by yours truly with help from Jessica Miller-Merrill (@blogging4jobs).  #JobHuntChat was the first ever twitter chat for job seekers, and features a weekly one-hour chat on Monday nights from 10-11PM.  We’ve been said to include the best mix of career experts and job seekers, which has resulted in an abundance of incredible connections made and information shared by community members.

#5 – @LindseyPollak

Many career experts break away from sharing entirely career or job search tweets.  That’s not the case with Lindsey.  She shares a ton of helpful links, that are either her own or from other experts.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a Linkedin Spokeswoman.  Check out her blog at and make sure to read, “How LinkedIn Company Pages Can Help Your Job Search”


#6 – @JacobShare

Jacob Share is just an awesome guy that I’ve had the opportunity to chat with on a few occasions.  He is the man behind JobMob, a great resource for job seekers that like Corn on the Job, tries to bring in a certain level of humor into the process.  Check out and make sure to read, “20 Tools to Find Local Networking Events Quickly”


#7 – @Blogging4Jobs

When I invented #JobHuntChat, I realized that I needed to partner up with someone who was even more knowledgable than me.  Jessica Miller-Merrill (aka @blogging4jobs) was the very first person I reached out to.  Luckily, she said yes.  She has been an amazing help and I’ve witnessed first hand how much value she brings to job seekers.  Check out and make sure to read, “Four Job Search Tips for the Passive Candidate”

#8 – @JoshuaWaldman 

Along with being the creator of his Career Enlightenment blog, Joshua Waldman also wrote Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.  Ever since I was made aware of his presence, I’ve been a reader and follower, and have been learning ever since.  Check out and make sure to read, “Is Twitter the New Way to Find Hidden Jobs?”


#9 – @Keppie_Careers

Miriam Salpeter is the amazing woman behind Keppie Careers.  Calling her a jack of all trades would be a major understatement.  Along with her job search focused blog posts, she’s also a career coach, social media trainer, speaker, and author.  Luckily, I was able to meet up with Miriam when she was in Philly, which was incredibly helpful for me.  Stop by and make sure to read, “How to Find a Job When all You See is Fog”

#10 – @DanSchawbel

Dan Schawbel is a personal branding expert that has been featured or quoted basically everywhere.   Personal branding is a hot topic for job seekers and Dan is the person to go to for guidance in this area.  Check out

#11 – @HeatherHuhman

Heather Huhman is a phenomenal Gen Y career expert who focuses on helping folks find internships or their first job out of college.  Her tweets are mostly composed of incredibly helpful blog posts for job seekers, and I should also add in that she’s just an overall great person to talk to.  Check out, and read, “How to Perform a Mid-Year Job Search Checkup”

#12 – @LevyRecruits

Steve is one of the best recruiters you’ll find on Twitter and he’s more than willing to respond to folks who have questions.  In fact, given Steve’s “old school” mentality, he won’t hesitate to bypass social media and call you to answer your question.  I found this out the hard way back in 2010 when Steve called and asked for Corn on the Job.  While that caught me off guard, he’s been someone that I’ve always admired and respected, especially when it’s related to the job search, recruiting, or being bald.  Check out Steve’s blog,


#13 – @MaggieMistal

CNN declared Maggie as the #1 career coach in the world.  How cool is that?  She also has her own show on Sirius/XM radio — that’s global!  She’s just phenomenal and full of job search wisdom.  Check out to view her blog and find information on her satellite radio show.


#14 – @CareerSherpa

Hannah Morgan is the woman behind CareerSherpa, a guide for lifetime career navigation.  Her tweets and blog posts are perfect for job seekers of all kind, and she does a nice job of mixing up the content to keep it fresh.  Check out and read, “Have the Rules of Job Search Changed?”

#15 – @HRMargo

Margo Rose is the founder of #HireFriday, a wonderful job search community and twitter chat, #HFChat.  You can join her and the large community on Friday’s and you’ll certainly leave learning a thing or two.  Check them out on Twitter, and visit

#16 – @emilybennington

Emily Bennington is yet another career expert that I have great respect for.  Her tweets and blog posts cover all things surrounding the job search.  She’s also the author of the book, Effective Immediately, which helps folks start out on the right foot at their first job.  Check out and read, “17 Things Successful Career Women Know”

#17 – @YouternMark

Mark Babbit is the CEO and Founder of, an amazing site for folks looking for internships.  His company also hosts #InternPro, a twitter chat for job seekers on Monday nights.  It should also be noted that Mark is a crazy nice guy and full of awesome ideas.   Make sure to check out

 #18 – @BrazenCareerist

When building this list, I really wanted to stay away from online communities.  However, I just couldn’t ignoreBrazen Careerist.  Their tweets range from job search and career tips, to information on networking events and social media seminars they’re hosting. Any Gen Y professional or blogger can gain value from Brazen Careerist.  Check out

#19 – @AskaManager

For a unique twist on the job search and careers, following Alison Greene will bring some insight into what your manager or hiring manager may be thinking.  Check out and make sure to read, “Why would a company freeze a hiring process”

#20 – @AlisonDoyle

Alison Doyle is the Career Expert and when following her you’ll find a great range of tweets and tips from all aspects of the job search.  You can check her work on and make sure to read, “Cover Letter Types and Examples”

#21 – @Absolutely_Abby

Abby Kohut is just full of insane career and job search wisdom.  If you don’t believe me, you can just view any of her countless TV or Radior appearances.  Check out and read, “Picture Perfect”

#22 – @PhyllisMufson

Along with being awesome for the Philly connection we share, Phyllis Mufson is a wonderful career expert that tweets about all areas of the job search.  You can read more about her at

#23 – @Kbaumann

Kirk Baumann is a great guy and he’s always willing to help out job seekers.  Kirk writes over on his blog,  Make sure to read, “3 Strategies for Staying Positive During Your Job Search”

#24 – @BobWarren

Bob Warren is the Founder of and continuously tweets out helpful blog posts for job seekers.

#25 – @StevenRothberg

Steven Rothberg is the President and Founder of, a leading job board for students seeking internships and new grads seeking entry-level jobs.  Make sure to check out

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Bud Bilanich
Bud Bilanich

Great list Rich. I know many of these folks personally and they are all great resources. You might want to check out @BillieSucher. She and I co-authored a little book called "Success Tweets for Finding a Job and Excelling In It." I'll send a free download to anyone who sends me an email asking for one and mentions the Corn on the Job Twitter blog post. Keep up the great work. Bud


Great list Rich! I'd love to see you add Fields Jackson to this post. He is with Racing Towards Diversity Magazine and is an adjunct professor, Chicago State University. He always shares job openings on Twitter. He also recognizes great companies to work for. His Twitter handle is @fleejack Thank you!


Great resource. From the professional's angle it is great to see so many colleagues collected in one list. I look forward to following along.

Heather Coleman Voss
Heather Coleman Voss

This is a great list - I 100% agree with every single person you have highlighted and strongly urge all job seekers to follow them and engage in the conversation! @HeatherEColeman

Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

Hi Tim - You're welcome and you do the same!

Tim Tyrell-Smith
Tim Tyrell-Smith

Hey Rich - Honored to among this crowd and thanks for including me. Keep up the great work! :-)

Steve Levy
Steve Levy

The irony of being part of an online list of who's who for job seekers yet picking up the phone ASAP shouldn't be lost on job seekers. I follow everyone on Rich's list have actually spoken to all but a few (which should be remedied very soon). I do wish more recruiters were on the list...we offer a real perspective on what really happens in the recruiting process with respect to resumes, cover letters, branding, branding, the real job, etc. I certainly don't consider myself to be an expert given that every year I learn more about recruiting and am a better recruiter as a result. The take home lesson for job seekers is to ask many questions - EVERYONE on this list will answer you if you do so - and modify your job search accordingly while keeping track of the performance of all this great advice. Keep in mind that with the ebb ad flow of local, national, and global economies, it's highly likely you will have several job searches during the course of your professional life. And just so y'all know, I did call Rich and ask for Corn On The Job but the call lasted quite some time as did all subsequent calls. We finally met in real life a few years back - in Madison, Wisconsin of all places - and it felt as if we knew each other far better than the actual years. Lesson here: Meet digitally but offer a handshake, call, or Skype as soon as you can.

CornOnTheJob moderator

Hi Bud!  Thanks for the comment.

CornOnTheJob moderator

Thanks for the comment, Steve!

Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

Steve - That first call impacted me more than you'll ever know. Also, you're right, when we did finally meet, it felt like we already knew each other. As always, thanks for the advice.


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