How to Impress Tech Savvy Employers

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by Rich DeMatteo on March 23, 2012 · 3 comments

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This is a guest post from Malika Sharma.

With government plans recently announced that they are going to try and make Britain one of the top technology centres in Europe, there really hasn’t been a better time to get into the technology industry. But with fierce competition from all sides and a new wave of students about to graduate this summer, what is the best way to impress prospective bosses? Jobs from TomTom could be one of those not to be missed opportunities for all the technical job seekers. TomTom is one of the major companies in the technology industry that offers various kinds of technical job roles. Apart from having well-written curriculum vitae, some of the following methods can impress employers like TomTom in the technology industry.

Creative use of LinkedIn

Using a LinkedIn profile is a brilliant way to show you’re dedicated to any employer. Not only does it have up to 150million active users but the site is getting so big that it shall soon be considered a vital part of your digital portfolio whilst searching for work. Not only is LinkedIn a brilliant form of networking but it is free to use and a powerful way of advertising yourself. Once you’ve signed up and you’re ready, check the Jobs section of LinkedIn by using a keyword or location search, you may just find the job that you’ve been looking for. Getting recommendations from your former employers or university faculty should be equally important. Joining groups and interacting with key people would also help in networking and creating an impression in the industry.

Network in Business Conferences

Not only are conferences an excellent place for businesses to show off their brand new technology, but they are also an extremely sociable and open place where people are able to network freely amongst businesses. These are great places to introduce yourself to prospective bosses as well as keying yourself up on their new technology and products. Some conferences even host classes and workshops where you can learn new skills using state of the art technology; these are excellent things to have on your curriculum vitae. By using LinkedIn you can also find out when conferences in your field take place and how you can get to them.

Having your own blog

Although some may scoff at personal blogs, they are actually a brilliant way of showing off just what you know. Considering you blog about your given field or sector, being able to produce a blog during an interview or having one written on a curriculum vitae could quite possibly turn things in your favour. A well written blog will not only show off your writing skills but it also shows that you are knowledgeable, keen and are quite skilful when it comes to research. The biggest bonus of it is that if you write about news or opinions in your field, you are more than likely to attract experts in the same field of study, which in turn broadens your online network.

Knowing the lingo

Having a secure knowledge of technical language is vitally important during an interview as you never know when your prospective employer is going to ‘pop’ that question about Cascading Style Sheets or denotational semantics. Although it is hard to say just what will come up, having knowledge of current events, recent announcements made by companies and having decent knowledge about various important softwares and tools used in the industry is a sure way to show that you are interested in your work and are keeping up to date with the industry. Be sure to take a browse over technology websites before your interview; if only to get yourself in the right frame of mind.

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