What New Grads Need to Know About Pre-Employment Drug Tests

by Rich DeMatteo on February 10, 2015 · 1 comment

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There’s no need to freak out about drug tests.  Actually, you might have a reason to be a little nervous depending on your recent activities.  Seriously, you might have a reason to be very nervous.  However, if you’ve only been participating in super clean fun, then don’t worry, you’ll be OK.

This blog post isn’t a tell all on pre-employment drug testing.  This is simply a quick “what the heck” is going to happen to you during the drug screen process and what you might want to expect.  So, here it goes.

When does the pre-employment drug screening occur?

Usually after your phone screen and in-person interview.  Some might be before interviewing, but usually it’s just before the offer stage and while other checks are being completed.  It’s a good sign if a company is asking for you to take care of the drug screen.  It’s not so good if you know you’re going to fail, but that one is on you.

How soon do you need to take the test?

24-48 hours usually.  They don’t want you taking a vacation or cleaning your system out, so expect to be told to head on in within that time frame.

How will I be tested?

While most stick to the old fashioned pee test, some will require blood or a hair sample.  You’ve watched a lot of movies, so if you’re doubting your urine you may look to pull the old switcheroo.  Be prepared for them to test the temperature and have someone standing outside the door to make sure there’s no funny business.

When do I find out the results?

Some testing centers can be pretty rapid, while others take two days.  The results are typically emailed directly to the employer who will let you know if you’ve made it through to the next step in the process.

Remember, relax and follow instructions

If you know you’re going to fail then maybe google for some help on what to do.  If you have no reason to worry, then keep calm and smile.  You’ll do just fine, kid.

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