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by Rich DeMatteo on October 14, 2014 · 0 comments

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Freelancing is as popular as ever and why not?  Earning money on the side or full-time with your skills sounds like a nice big piece of pie, doesn’t it?  So sweet!

If you’re looking forward to getting started, here are some tips for you.

Study Other Freelancers

Thoroughly study the problems faced by freelancers. Find out where they started, what their skills are, and which companies they’ve freelanced for.   You can now research other competitors of those companies and pitch similar work.

Research Price

Many beginners try to attract a company by offering low price for the work. Maybe avoid this.

If you’re confident in your skill set, then don’t sell yourself short.  Besides, people are smart.  When they see the low price tag they’ll think two things:

1.  I can afford this person.

2. I can afford this person because they aren’t that good.

Go high.  Go you.


Avoid Too Many Freelance Gigs

Especially when getting started.  If you take on too many gigs, you’ll be overwhelmed.  When you’re overwhelmed, the ball is dropped.  When the ball is dropped, you are dropped.  When you are dropped, you have no more money.

Wait until you get a handle on things and then increase your work load and add new clients on.

Learn To Sell Your Talent

Don’t be worried about sales.  Be good at what you do, present case studies, build a portfolio, and plan time each week for sales.  Sales could mean emailing 10 prospects.  Sales could also mean calling 100 prospects.  It really depends on how big your jobs are and how many potential clients you have.

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