This is your personal brand. This is your life. This is MeritBuilder.

by Rich DeMatteo on September 23, 2009 · 2 comments

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When you look back at all of the positive experiences you’ve encountered in life, from kindergarten up until present time, you are in essence taking a look at your personal brand.  These positive experiences formed who you are today, and why you are successful in your career, as well as why you’re an asset to your company.  While on Planet Earth you’ve received thousands of “Kudos” e-mails at work, were the captain of your high school football team, completed award winning psychology research in college, gave back to your community regularly, and coached your kids soccer team.  Ok, great, but how in the heck can you keep track of, and present each positive experience to current, future, or prospective employers?  Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to MeritBuilder.

A few months ago I heard of a personal brand building tool called MeritBuilder and was luckily able to connect with Lance Haun, Vice President of Outreach for MeritBuilder.  Lance agreed to an interview with COTJ, hopefully it wasn’t too painful.  I hope you take a few minutes to check out the Q/A with Lance below, but first please click here to view an awesome 2 minute introduction video on MeritBuilder. Come back after the video for a quick Q/A with Lance!

COTJ: Lance, tell me a little about yourself.
Lance: I have been in Human Resources for a little over six years and I have been blogging at for over three. I love the field and I believe it holds a lot of untapped potential. After losing my job in July, I was approached by MeritBuilder to head their outreach activities based on my blog. I never submitted a resume or anything like that. We talked a while about the product, their direction and my thoughts on it.

COTJ: What is the mission of MeritBuilder?Lance: Our mission is about building companies by building their people. There is a real crisis of identity and roles in the American business landscape. We believe that clarity comes when businesses realize that when their people are successful, their company naturally benefits from that success. When businesses become partners with their employees in their successes, they can really unlock their true potential.

COTJ: How do job seekers benefit from MeritBuilder?
Lance: Obviously, building an online brand that people can find is imperative but the biggest benefit is that you can keep all of your thank you’s and achievements in one place. Hopefully you can share that with your social networks and with future employers but at the bare minimum, it can help you manage it yourself so you can better present what you’ve done.

COTJ: How do employees benefit from MeritBuilder?
Lance: I think this is the really powerful part. As you know, networking and being prepared for job change is can be the hardest step for people in a current position. It is never top of their mind until it happens. The great thing about MeritBuilder is that it can work almost passively to collect that information so that when the time comes for a raise, promotion, transfer or job change, you’re prepared.

COTJ: How do employers benefit from MeritBuilder?
Lance: Instead of being passive in their employee’s personal brand, they get to help promote and be an active part in it. That, in turn, helps promote the company’s brand in a very organic and natural way. In that process, employers are also recognizing and rewarding employees in the traditional sense. It is really a win/win solution for both groups.
Want to see a sample profile on MeritBuilder?
Click here to see Lance’s profile on MeritBuilder!
Click here to see my profile on MeritBuilder!

Big thanks to Lance Haun for taking some time out of his busy schedule to explain MeritBuilder.  Visit if you would like to learn more.  I also strongly suggest stopping over at Lance’s blog,

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Good interview Rich! Marketing oneself properly is crucial. This is interesting information. Thanks!


Rich, Thank you for introducing this meritbuilder site. It is quite interesting - I actually just signed up for it. Site is looking great! Sam