Still Career Hunting? Look Into These Lucrative Part-Time Jobs!

by Rich DeMatteo on January 13, 2017 · 0 comments

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Searching for a full-time job isn’t always as fruitful as we want it to be. It can take a while to nail one that really appeals to us and feels like it can actually get us somewhere in life. But does that mean you should spend all your time sitting around waiting for the right one to fall out of the sky? No way! You should be looking at a part-time job that you can do with relative ease.

Some of these suggestions can be really quite lucrative – and if you play your cards right, maybe you could even turn them into a full-time job that pays you very well indeed!

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Trading seems like a pretty risky option when it comes to part-time endeavors. But the level of risk is something you can control! Getting into trading is good way of getting your head around modern businesses and finance, and can grant you crucial insight into the metrics people use to gauge financial success. And there’s always the chance, of course, that you could make a pretty profit out of it! You can use simulators to get some practice without risk if you’re new to the world of trading.

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This is relatively easy to get into. There are little to no setup costs and there’s barely any risk. Writing your own articles is a fantastic way of showing off your knowledge and letting off some steam. If you’re looking to get into business and advertising, a blog will look great on your resumé! It also shows off your personality, and you can be pretty imaginative with its content. You should note that blogging isn’t really something you can make a lot of money out of right away, but it can become a great way to gain extra revenue down the road if you start now!


If you have a car and know how to drive, then why not use that to get a bit of extra cash? Getting into professional transport used to be something that was difficult to do on a more casual, flexible, or freelance basis. But things have changed slightly now that Uber has entered the scene. A lot of people are making pretty good money for a few hours of their time transporting people. There are quite a few people who aren’t in the business who don’t quite understand how it works, though. How does Uber pay their workers and at what rates? It can be different depending on where you are and what you’re willing to do.

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Marketing is one of the most important keys to the success of any business, so having some level of expertise in it will definitely help you with your career prospects! So a part-time job that can help you gain that expertise in this vital area of modern business sounds like a pretty wise idea, right? There are loads of firms out there who are searching for freelancers to assist with marketing. This could take the form of copywriting. Heck, it could be something as easy as putting bumper stickers on your car. In any case, you’ll getting very valuable insight into the world of marketing while also earning some cash.

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You may have heard it before, and here I will reiterate it for you: one of the best ways to learn is to teach. It’s been said by many teachers that they often learn more from their students than the other way round. This isn’t just bromide – the imparting of that information can reveal so much more about it to you, especially when a fresh pair of eyes are in the equation. Freelance tutoring could be a fantastic way for you to earn some extra cash and improve your own skills in that area. As an added bonus, tutoring looks extremely good on a resumé.

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Pet sitting
This almost seems too obvious and old-school, right? Do people still do professional pet sitting and walking past their teenage years? Yes, actually. There are, of course, a lot of people who are doing it full-time and are making quite a good living out of it. As a part-time job to have between full-time jobs, or even something to have on the side, it can be very fulfilling. After all, you get to hang out with a pet! Plus, if you’re looking into dog walking, then you get the added benefit of having that exercise and getting some money for it! This is definitely an endeavor that you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss.

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