Using a Value-based Approach to Job-Seeking

by Rich DeMatteo on February 1, 2017 · 0 comments

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What do you usually look for when searching for a job? Most people would first check the salary. Then, they will take a look at the job description and find out if it matches their educational background and expertise. There are also those who look at the popularity of the company that they are applying for. All these standards are common for people who are searching for stability on their next job. There is nothing wrong in determining your preferences based on these standards.

The better approach in job-seeking is by identifying your personal values first. Instead of looking at what you can gain from the company financially in terms of higher salary and other perks, you have to look deeper and see how you can achieve personal growth. This is more important since it creates a long lasting impact. Whether or not you stay in that job for a long time, you will at least imbibe values that you can use in your future endeavors. Money comes and goes, but the values you have learned will surely remain.

Importance of identifying your values

The main reason why you have to first identify your personal values before job hunting is because you want to do the job that you love. You have to ask yourself if you really belong in that company or you are just there because you think they pay well enough. You should also identify their guiding principles and philosophies. You can then check if they are aligned with your personal values. For instance, you can’t force yourself to work in a company that is known for destroying natural resources in order to boost their business when you are a strong environmental conservation advocacy. You also can’t be in a job that hunts potential employees from other companies and sort of stealing them for the clients when you believe in the idea of fair play.

You should also take a look at the positive values that are promoted by a particular company. For instance, do they encourage team building? Do they recognize hard working employees? What activities do they have to ensure that employees work well with each other? If you value hard work and cooperation you have to be in a company where these values are recognized. There are companies that are just after income and increase in sales without necessarily giving importance to the hard work and individual contributions of the employees in the company.

Impact of working in a job that you love

Once you have identified what your personal values are and checked the companies that are in line with these values, you can easily trim the options down. The main reason why you are doing this is because you want to stay in the company for a long time. There are companies with high turnover rates because they just can’t find the right people whose personal values are aligned with theirs. If you work for a company that you are not really in love with just because you need a job or you are receiving a high pay, there will come a time when you will be burnt out. You will eventually leave this job in search for better options. As the common adage goes, money just can’t buy happiness.

The next time you search for a job, perhaps you need to take a look at how your personal values and philosophies are matched with that of the company that you are applying for. The moment you are asked to come for an interview, you can easily flaunt your skills and how you think you can contribute in the growth of the company because you know exactly what they want.

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