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Out of Office: Beginning the Journey to Becoming Self-Employed

Many people dream of being their own boss someday, but few ever do. There are so many challenges you have to overcome – taxes, regulation, and then the regular business challenges like marketing and product management. If you’ve got ambition, and you’re ready to work hard, here’s how to get out of the grind and […]

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Including Video Conferencing in the Recruiting Process

Discovering new and retainable talent is always at the fore of every human resources professional’s mind. Since it’s a costly and time consuming process to hire a candidate who then doesn’t work out, you should always be on the lookout for the latest technology that can help you achieve these goals. The name of the […]

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Entry-level options for a career in sport

If you’re a person who lives, breathes and sleeps a sport such as basketball, football or baseball, then you may be considering a career in sports. However, as everyone knows, to actually play any of these sports as a pro you have to have amazing ability, and the luck to be in the right place […]

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How To Get The Career Of Your Dreams In A Competitive Market

Many employers out there are looking for qualified individuals. The problem is that they aren’t finding the ones with the qualifications they want and need. This is making for a very competitive job market. However, just because there is a lot of competition doesn’t mean you can’t find work. It just means that you need […]

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Looking for Your Dream Job? Here’s 3 Steps on How to Get There

Your dream job is just around the corner. Theoretically. But why is it so hard for you to get there? You know what you want to do, you’ve known for so long, but somehow you’re being held back. Do you find there are obstacles, challenges, people and circumstances that are standing in your way? Well, […]

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The Best Hands-On Jobs For Active People

If the idea of spending your working life in an office makes you feel a little sad, then you’re going to love the job suggestions on this page. We’ve looked at all manner of different industries in the hope of identifying the perfect roles for people who like to stay active. There are many benefits […]

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Is it Worth Quitting Your Job to Work on a Farm/Outback?

Are you feeling sick of the daily grind and dream of getting away to someplace remote, tropical, peaceful or exciting? If so, it might be time to consider quitting your job to travel around the country or the globe. One of the biggest things that stops people from upping their life and seeing the world […]

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5 Careers You Should Probably Avoid

Everyone’s looking for advice on how to land at their dream company.  This post isn’t that.  Here’s a bit of (mostly) obvious advice on the kind of job and work place you might want to avoid. Asbestos Remover (or anything that exposes you to the material) People who remove asbestos from buildings for a living […]

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Summer Jobs: What Are My Options?

The summer break is always a fun time to hit the beach, hang out with friends, and simply enjoy the warmer weather. However, it also happens to be a great time to make some extra cash and bulk out the resume. If you’re looking for a casual job to keep you going over the summer, […]

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Looking For A Job As A Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is someone who writes for more than one organization .They are self-employed, as they are not working permanently in any particular organization. Freelance may sometimes be hired as full time employee, provided work location is not remote and they become continuous need of the organization they are working for. Some freelance writers […]

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