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USA Mobile Drug Testing Explains the Impact of Marijuana Legalization

One of the most (if not the most) confusing areas in the employment realm these days is about the legalization of marijuana and how it impacts drug testing. It’s my belief that if we could quiz 10 recruiters/employers on the topic, we just might get the right answers out of 1 of them. That’s a […]

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Mentors and Advisors: The Significant Role They Play in Growing Your Business

When you read success stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners, it can be very easy to get caught up in the “success” part of the story. Sure you might read about the various trials and tribulations they’ve had along the way, but ultimately, what attracts so many of us to the idea of “being […]

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Need a Career Boost? Get a Job in San Francisco

  San Francisco is a city with a lot of diversity and starting or continuing a career there can really be a wise move. The economy there is a heady mix of different kinds of service industry with many other styles of company in the mix. With this in mind you’ll find that getting San […]

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Finding a Job in the Financial Industry Requires a Specific Mix of Skills

Succeeding in business requires a fair mixture of experience and education, and a little bit of good luck never hurts either. One particular area that requires a few extra qualities is the financial industry thanks to all the external factors that come into play on a daily basis. Working in finance is often a high […]

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Poor Credit Can Stop Your Career Dead In Its Tracks

The three little numbers that make up your credit score can have a huge impact on your life. You know that poor credit makes it difficult to get a loan and that when you do get a loan, you’ll pay a higher interest rate. You know that your credit score impacts the limit on your […]

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What to do if your employer changes your job description

It is possible to work in one career for a very long time without suffering a change in your job description. A change in job description could be welcome news, especially if it means no longer doing some of the tasks you always considered demeaning. Similarly, a change in job description can be a huge […]

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10 Tips for Time Management During the Job Search

Finding a job can be incredibly stressful and downright difficult, especially if you know you need to get back to work to support yourself or your family. If you work in a sector where jobs are generally harder to come by or the interview process is often lengthy, the pressure you feel can be magnified […]

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7 Ways to Find Your Career Path

We were all a little confused by that person in high school who already knew that he wanted to be a doctor. Unfortunately, though, that kind of certainty is a rarity: it often proves more difficult to find a satisfying career that aligns with your passions, desired lifestyle and salary expectations. Flexibility’s the Norm  Another issue to […]

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COTJ Reviews Team+: Revolutionary HR & Talent Management Software

The Problem: The entire recruiting process is one big cluster of confusing nonsense. Resumes are being received from every angle, talent is completely lost in the shuffle, and recruiters are spending way too much time trying to juggle all of the incoming information. The Answer: Team+ What is Team+: Team+ is a time saving HR & Talent […]

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Alternative Ways of Searching for Your Next Career

Most people will hit a snag at least once in their lives when it comes to their career and wonder if they are going in the right direction. If this sounds like you, never fear – there will always be somewhere to go to do something you love; you just need to find out exactly […]

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