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Why Team Building Should Play a Central Role in Corporate Culture

To appreciate the implications of this statement, we need to understand what is meant by Corporate Culture. Only then can we explore how and why or even IF team building is important. “Corporate culture” is in fact a microcosm of national culture: the beliefs, behavior, dress, environment, habits, traditions, and personal traits reflected either on […]

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Work Around The Globe (Infographic)

How do people work around the world?  With work being such a big part of our lives, this study will show you how other countries view work.  Check out this infographic from GoToMeeting.  

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Important Job Employee Perks (Infographic)

  In the old days, salary and health insurance were the two primary workplace benefits. Now, companies are seeing a shift in what employees want. There’s less of a desire for cold, hard cash and more of a desire for perks and incentives that improve quality of life. This infographic from Company Folders shows the […]

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3 Important Job Interview Tips

  A job interview usually takes less than an hour. Yet if you only spend one hour on the interview, you’re probably not getting hired. Job interviews require a ton of preparation and follow up to help put your best foot forward throughout the whole process. Most people know the basics, such as the importance […]

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How to Deal your Work Stress

Getting stressed about your job is not something that is new. In fact, about 80% of employees are stressed during almost each work day. The problem is that people who dwell on daily stresses such as those caused by daily work schedule are likely to experience chronic health problems 10 years afterwards. This simply means […]

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Gamification: How to Win at Work

Work can be a serious business for many, but there is a train of thought that suggests you could make things a whole lot more enjoyable and maybe even boost productivity while having some fun. Gamification is all about taking standard parts of a normal work day and transforming those tasks into games that will put a […]

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How to make the most of your next team building scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great fun. Just remember back to your days as a kid, with your team of best buddies racing against the other guys for that coveted trophy. Well, that’s exactly what it’s STILL all about – team work. And in today’s highly competitive corporate world, successful team work translates into better, more enjoyable […]

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So You Want To Be A Psychologist? This Is How You Get The Job

Working in psychology is a very rewarding career path. You will be able to work closely with people in need, which is a great way to give something back to your community. Psychologists aren’t like regular doctors and physicians who focus on physical ailments and conditions. You will be helping people with psychological problems. This […]

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3 Powerful Ways to Advance Your Career by Improving Your Appearance

  It’s sad but it’s also true. Your appearance has been shown to have a direct impact on your professional prospects. When you want a shot at that raise, promotion, or new position, your looks will almost always factor into the final decision. There are several reasons behind this including being considered more able, more […]

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What Can You Do To Finally Start Your Career As A Programmer?

Choosing a career is never an easy task. But in today’s climate, career programming is a very popular selection. Not only does it offer great financial rewards and a natural path to progression. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a career that offers longevity. After all, society’s reliance on computers will only grow over the coming years. […]

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