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What New Grads Need to Know About Pre-Employment Drug Tests

There’s no need to freak out about drug tests.  Actually, you might have a reason to be a little nervous depending on your recent activities.  Seriously, you might have a reason to be very nervous.  However, if you’ve only been participating in super clean fun, then don’t worry, you’ll be OK. This blog post isn’t […]

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Tips for Handling Video Conferencing Interviews

One of the greatest benefits to come from video conferencing is the ability to connect with anyone in the world so long as that person has a compatible device and Internet. Polycom states that video conferencing can significantly reduce a business’s travel costs for business conferences and interviews. Through services like Blue Jeans, you can […]

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Are university educations the best you can get?

Work Placements and Qualifications Can Give an Edge in the Employment Market Finding the right type of job is never an easy task, especially in today’s competitive employment market. Making the choice between obtaining a university degree and plunging straight into employment can also be difficult task but obtaining a qualification may give you an […]

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Spherion’s 2014 Emerging Workforce Study Part 1 (Infographic)

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Spherion, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.   Spherion’s 2014 Emerging Workforce Study Check out study here: Spherion has examined the issues and trends impacting the workplace and the employment life cycle for more than 15 years. Their 2014 study examines several primary themes […]

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Looking for a job as a freelancer writer? Start here

Freelancing is as popular as ever and why not?  Earning money on the side or full-time with your skills sounds like a nice big piece of pie, doesn’t it?  So sweet! If you’re looking forward to getting started, here are some tips for you. Study Other Freelancers Thoroughly study the problems faced by freelancers. Find […]

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