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5 Skills That Will Give You the Winning Edge In Your Finance Career

Finding and maintaining employment in today’s competitive work place is challenging to say the least. Employers expect the people they hire to bring a tremendous amount of skills and knowledge to the position for which they are employed. In the interest of not wasting your time, or the time and attention of the Human Resources […]

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The Future of Work: The Fastest Growing Occupations Today

With the ever-growing population and technology, there are some jobs that just seem set up for success in the near future. While no one can be certain of which jobs will eventually win out, there are some that, given the economic, political and technological state of the world, should be a safe bet to get […]

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Tips for Writing a Great CV

It’s something we all have to do at one time or another, but writing a great CV can be deceptively simple (as well as incredibly stressful)! With so much competition out there, we want our CV to stand out and get that employer on the phone to us by the time they have finished reading. […]

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How to Encourage Your Staff to Become Healthy

In what ways can an overweight staff affect your company? If you are the owner of a company and you are wondering why your staff members aren’t living up to their full potential, maybe it is time to try to motivate them in a different way. Obesity can affect an employee, and therefore the workplace, […]

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Top 3 Resume Trends for 2017

Long gone are the days that a word processing resume with textbook objective statements and boring descriptors would be sufficient to receive an interview offer. It is important to show employers you are innovative and on the cutting edge of your industry. This may mean cultivating a strong social media brand that showcases your knowledge […]

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5 Totally Awesome Ways to Amplify Your French Learning

Learning a foreign language isn’t about classes or homework – it’s about immersion in the process. Want to become as fluent in French as a native speaker? Decided to Learn French? Here Are 8 Life Hacks You Never Thought of! Learning a foreign language is not about surrounding yourselves by dozens of research papers. You […]

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4 ways to make yourself instantly more employable in 2017

Scouring job sites and sending out resumes is all well and good but in today’s job market it simply isn’t enough. Competition has never been fiercer, and often hundreds of applicants are battling it out for the same role. How do you make yourself stand out? There are some simple ways to instantly improve your […]

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Who benefits from part-time jobs?

This article was originally published on CareerBuilder on 10/26/16. SUGGESTIONS FOR FINDING A SIDE GIG Part-time jobs offer flexibility, extra income, and the chance to advance in a new career. They’re not right for everyone’s career path, though. Learn who benefits from part-time jobs, and decide whether this is the right choice for you. Students […]

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4 Tips for a Professional Headshot

Professional headshots are one of the most frequently requested photo sessions. That’s because they’re needed for all sorts of things — business cards, press releases, resumes, auditions, and more. If a client has asked you to shoot headshots, check out these four tips to ensure it goes well and learn money saving deals on professional […]

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It’s All Greek To Me: How Your Personality Type Should Shape Your Career

Source The Greek Gods; champions of mythology, rulers of everything from the sky to the space beneath the earth. And they have… precisely what, to do with your job search? The above question is a valid one, but never fear; there is a point to this link. The Gods and Goddesses of Grecian mythology were […]

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