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Four Steps to Give Your Website More Creative Flair without Being a Design Genius

  Ever look at a competing website in your space and sit there green with envy? It’s tough to feel like your own site is up to snuff when it’s as if you’re competing with a bunch of professional designers. While design is crucial as the layout and architecture of our sites ultimately determine who […]

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The Continual Importance of Learning New Skills

When we’re working our way up the corporate ladder or trying to find a new job, there’s a tendency to put all of the focus on the job itself, the duties of that job, and the money we’re making at the time. Sometimes, however, rather than focusing entirely on our career or the job search, […]

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Preparing For That Panel Interview

If there is one moment in life that can shatter the nerves, it’s an interview process for a new job. You have likely spent hours trawling the jobs boards and making connections with local businesses to get hired, but when you get that email telling you that someone is interested in you, that cool demeanour […]

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Five Changes That Will Help Your Job Hunt In London

Finding a job is one of those life events that everyone has to go through at some point or another. Here in the UK, statistics show that the average person will work in six different places during their lifetime. What this means is that you’ll need to go through the dreaded job hunting phase multiple […]

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4 Tips for Creating an ATS-Friendly Resume

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are ubiquitous in the recruitment industry of today. Some sources say that up to 98% of recruiters, HR professionals, and sourcers rely on ATSs to automate some parts of their recruitment process, both to increase speed and to cut the costs. It shouldn’t be a surprise that applicant tracking systems are […]

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Helping People Through Career Choices – Can It Be Done?

Pexels Not everyone has dreams of earning a triple figure salary. For some people, in fact for the quiet majority, a sustainable, satisfying, and accurately paid job is all they need. This affords them the opportunity to craft a wonderful life narrative, have the funding to experience all they’d love to, as well as build […]

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No-Fail Ways Of Landing A Job

Having a job is pretty important to most of us, both for our livelihood and our identity. However, with all the fluctuations in the job market finding a new position can be challenging at best. Challenging is not the same as impossible though, and there are some really rather clever ways of ensuring that you […]

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Need More Qualifications? 5 Tips Gaining More Credentials

Image Source Many job require some form of qualifications. Whilst some people resign to the fact that they’ll never have the necessary education, others take the bold action to go back to school and get those grades. Getting an education after leaving school isn’t difficult nowadays and there are lots of ways to make it […]

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Physical Therapy Jobs, Training and Career Options

  Physical Therapist Job Description The role of a Physical Therapist is to diagnose and treat patients who have medical problems that may limit their mobility and inhibit them from functioning normally. Once diagnosed, PTs will develop a plan for each patient to help him or her regain strength, mobility and independence in daily activities. […]

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Careers For Those That Care

If your current job leaves you unfulfilled and like you want to do more, chances are at some point you’ve considered a career change. It’s easy to get stuck in the rat race, earning lots of money for a big corporation and going home at the end of each day with no career satisfaction. If […]

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