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How to Write an Irresistible Cover Letter

Due to the fact that the processes of applying for most jobs occur online, job seekers no longer take writing cover letters seriously. The truth is that cover letters are still relevant and you have absolutely nothing to lose if it’s submitted along with your resume. They should be typed using the correct format and […]

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4 Reasons Why Team Building Builds Stronger, Happier Teams

The word team building can often conjure up feelings of anxiety, fear, and even dread. Why is it that the term has such a bad rep? The reason is simple: a lot of team building activities are executed poorly and used only when a company believes its teams need a morale boost. The thing is, […]

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If You Build It, They Will Come: Starting and Sustaining Your Own Web Design Business

Developing websites for a career can be a rewarding experience. You’re always being faced with new information every day, different businesses you’d never think about or personal sites and movements that keep you educated. You are at the front lines of a business or person’s branding experience. By taking this a step even further, you […]

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Born for Broadcasting: Taking the Right Career Path for Radio

Some are born to entertain. However, not every personality and voice transfers well to radio. Yet, some are born for broadcasting, having a great voice, an appealing personality, or an interest in technical audio equipment and production. Here is a number of ideas that will get you on the right path to your first job […]

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The Trend of Job Hopping in 2016

It seems like every year, new trends arise with regard to just about everything from fashion choices to the way people choose to handle their lives, new trends arise on a routine basis. This includes perceptions about jobs and finding the career that is right for each individual. In 2016, one of the most prevalent […]

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6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

  Gaining transferrable skills is one of the most important things a new graduate should look for in their first few jobs after graduation. Chances are the first job you take will not be your dream job. It may not even be in the industry you ultimately want to work. Like many things, ‘life is […]

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Growing Your Small Business

Sometimes your overall goals and ambitions are much harder to reach then you’d expect when starting a new business. The constant challenge to try and stand out and be different and better than your competition can be a battle. Without the right resources or knowledge, it can be nearly impossible. That’s why we have outlined […]

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Got Creative Writing Skills? Check Out These Career Possibilities!

Some people like to claim that there’s not a lot you can do with creative writing skills these days. Well, I’m not quite sure where people are getting that idea. Here are some of the great career paths available to you through creative writing! Copywriting When people need someone to create compelling and entertaining text? […]

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Advance Your Career in Project Management Online

Some people are happy to spend their career being told what to do by others. However, many would much prefer to be the one in charge. Managerial positions allow for more control over the work you complete and give you more responsibility. A lot of people who want to move into management consider project management. […]

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Ways to Make Your Office More Efficient

  Americans are working more hours than ever before. Nearly 4 out of 10 workers claim they log 50+ hours a week at their job. Americans also get less vacation days than other countries with only 15 days on average and Europeans getting 28 days on average. With all that time we spend working, could […]

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