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COTJ Reviews Team+: Revolutionary HR & Talent Management Software

The Problem: The entire recruiting process is one big cluster of confusing nonsense. Resumes are being received from every angle, talent is completely lost in the shuffle, and recruiters are spending way too much time trying to juggle all of the incoming information. The Answer: Team+ What is Team+: Team+ is a time saving HR & Talent […]

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Alternative Ways of Searching for Your Next Career

Most people will hit a snag at least once in their lives when it comes to their career and wonder if they are going in the right direction. If this sounds like you, never fear – there will always be somewhere to go to do something you love; you just need to find out exactly […]

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5 Things to Know Before You Start Your First Mining Job

The minerals and resources sector can be a lucrative industry to forge a career in. Not only does it typically pay high wages, there are also some real work life perks, like the ability to work rosters that let you get significant amounts of time off. But it can also be a gruelling and potentially […]

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How to Choose the Right Career Path for You

Choosing the right career can be one of life’s biggest and most important decisions. If you are feeling confused about the direction your career should take, considering a complete change of career, or seeking more professional satisfaction from your career, the following tips will help you to select the optimal career path for you. Consider […]

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6 Tips To Overcome Shortfalls in Job Qualifications

You may think you have finally found the perfect job, only to discover as you read through the qualifications that you fall short of meeting the listed requirements. In some cases, the gap between your experience and the stated parameters might be too great to consider applying for the position. In other instances, however, you […]

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5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal With The Jerks (Infographic)

I can’t even going to lie to you.  This infographic made me laugh instantly when I saw cartoons of each of the 5 Types of Toxic Employees.  Along with being fairly comical, I found it to be super helpful for both the employer side and the job seeker community that visits COTJ. Truth be told, […]

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Should America Be Going Green: The Pros & Cons of the Legalization of Marijuana

Brace yourselves; Corn on the Job is getting political. Brace yourselves again; we’re talking about weed. You may be wondering why this topic is appearing here on Corn on the Job and the answer to that is actually quite simple. You see, the legalization of pot has only complicated things for employers.   With laws and […]

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Steps for Employing the Right People for Your Business

Your employees are the ones who drive your business and keep it working… either efficiently or not so efficiently. Employing the right people for the job is vital to the growth and livelihood of your business. So how do you find the right people? Here are some tips for recruiting the best people for your […]

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School Leavers: Interested In A Career In Agriculture? Read This!

When you’re finishing your final exams at school, there will be three thoughts going through your mind. The first is that you won’t ever have to go back to school again soon! And the second is whether you’ll get good grades or not. But what about the third thought? Yes, you’ll be wondering what to […]

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Become a Leader at Work in Three Steps

  Do you wish you were a leader at work? Despite possessing an unwavering desire to spearhead your company, not to mention first-class communication skills and a level of self-assurance that makes Donald Trump look like a schmuck, you’ve somehow been overlooked for the top slots. However, by improving your leadership skills and demonstrating to […]

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