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How to Keep Stress Free in the Job Seeking Process

If losing a job is stressful, looking for a new job can be twice as difficult. Searching for a job is very uncomfortable and for some the experience can be unfamiliar. There are a few people who enjoy the process of selling themselves to prospective employers but many more fear the thought of rejection. There […]

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Working No Matter What the Weather: The Best Outdoor Jobs for the No-Desk Crowd

For some people, the thought of sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer is abhorrent: they would much rather spend their time outside, under the sky, moving around from one place to another to keep themselves happy. Often, those same people think that they can’t make a living doing such jobs. […]

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Could Medical Lab Technician Be The Perfect Career For You?

If you’ve always wanted to have a career that lets you help people, and make the world at large a better place, then the medical sector is going to have an obvious allure. However, the careers that most people associate with medicine; doctors, nurses, etc., require many years of education and further training. However, even […]

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3 Careers that Allow you to Work with Money

If you’re the one your family and friends call for help with all things finance related, you may want to find a job that allows you to work with money on a daily basis. Finding a job that enables you to keep track of money is sure to be one you’ll thoroughly enjoy. The good […]

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5 frequent medical interview questions and answers

5 frequent medical interview questions and answers The medical industry is expanding worldwide as the Boomer generation enters retirement and later-life care, and has become one of the most lucrative for employment – not only for doctors, but for nurses, home health aides, and certified nursing assistants. But although millions of medical jobs exist for […]

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Constructing A Sturdy Career In Engineering

A job in engineering is really so much more than a job. It’s the kind of role you picture when somebody says the word ‘career’, and there’s good reason for that. It’s creative, but it’s a high-stakes role. The work you do doesn’t involve pushing papers and falling back into the crowd of dull, uninspired […]

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How an MBA can advance a fashion management career

Fashion management is an extraordinarily competitive field – as well as a lucrative one. Fashion executives are found in every country in the world, and perform a wide variety of roles such as management, advertising, brand management, marketing, and financial management. Over the last years, the fashion industry has become much more business-oriented, allowing many […]

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Professions You Might Never Have Considered

Picture Source   Finding a career path, or even finding any old job, is hard. You knew it would be hard, but nobody ever told you it would be this hard. I know, because I was in the same position once. Of course, the business landscape is changing all the time, so whilst the generation […]

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The Lord Of The Land! Could You Be A Landlord?

(Image Source)   A lot of people have dreams of buying up properties, leasing them out, and making a huge income for their family. Of course, this is a wonderful idea. Being able to remain self-sufficient and also owning several properties. But, it does come with some difficulty. As a landlord, you have a lot […]

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Think The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Hold A Career For You? Think Again!

If you already live and breathe health and fitness, you will have probably already considered a career in that field. After all, it only makes sense to make a living out of doing what you love. Plus, the health and fitness industry is one of the fastest growing markets around; meaning it can pay you […]

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