4 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary

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Asking for more money is never an easy task, especially when you’re already in the role. But if you don’t, you’ll miss the opportunity to earn more.  Here are four ways to negotiate your way up the salary ladder from Robert Half. Ask and you might receive In the workplace, money is often seen as […]

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True Story of a New Graduate Attacked By His High Starting Salary

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The story I’m sharing today is unfortunately a real problem that a job seeker client of mine is going through.  I’m positive he’s not the first to experience an issue like this, and while I’m focusing this here blog post on new grads, the challenge he’s up against is one that hat any level job […]

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3 Things to Remember Before Asking For a Pay Hike

This guest post is contributed by Brenda Harris, who writes on the topic of executive mba programs. She can be reached at her email id: Some people do it timidly and with hesitation; others are brasher and more open about demanding it as their right; and yet others threaten to quit if they’re not […]

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4 Tips on How to Ask For a Raise in a Recession

Asking for a raise in normal economic conditions can be a bit hairy, but doing so in our current economic state just stinks.  During tough times, some believe it’s career suicide to have a discussion about salary with a supervisor.  That may be the case, but if you truly are underpaid, as well as a […]

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Should you be making a higher salary?

If you think you’re underpaid and deserve a raise make sure to do your homework.  The last thing you want is to go into that conversation with your supervisor unprepared.  Along with utilizing your outstanding performance reviews, make sure to check out the below links to salary calculators to help prove you deserve a raise/promotion. […]

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What schools produce the highest paid graduates?

Found a very interesting article today that does a nice job in showing us which schools bring the most dough to new grads.  You’ll see a nice bar graph which compares both the Starting Median Salary as well as the Mid-Career Median Salary for each school on the list. It will come as no surprise for […]

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Pay increases make a comeback in 2010?

Many of those still lucky enough to be working these days have seen their company slash raises and bonuses this year.  I’ve come accross some hopeful news for those of you feeling like your hard work should earn you a thicker wallet.  Please see the link below from ResumeBear, which discusses a 2010 salary survey report completed […]

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