It’s time for you to meet Corn on the Job’s roommate

by Rich DeMatteo on January 31, 2011 · 7 comments

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Have I ever told you about my awesome roommate? No? Well, that’s about to change!

So yeah, I live with this great dude named Bob, and soon you might feel like he’s your roommate too! Coming shortly to COTJ, you’ll find a new video series called, “Corn on the Job With Bob”. In these short 3-5 minute video segments, Bob and I will discuss random job search topics, our current stories and adventures, and I’ll ask Bob your questions!

What about Bob?

Bob and I grew up in the same town and he graduated from high school a few years after I did.  We ended up going to the same college, which was where we became lifting buddies, and more importantly, great friends.

Stole this from Bob's Facebook. He might kill me.

Here are a few things that Bob and Corn on the Job have in common:

  • Both of us have spent our short careers working as recruiters
  • We love Philly sports
  • We drink too much Cyrstal Light

Here are some differences:

  • Bob is much taller than COTJ
  • Bob does not like fruits and veggies
  • Bob is far from a Social Media geek
  • Bob has hair

The first “Corn on the Job With Bob” video will be coming in the next few weeks.  Episode 1 will mostly be an intro to the video series and also your introduction to Bob.

What questions do you have for Bob?

I’ll be using your questions for the video, so fire away!  Are you curious about  what he likes most about living with Corn on the Job?  Do you want to know what his favorite color is?  Are you wondering what animal he would choose if he could be one?  Ask anything, and my favorites will be used!

Send me your questions here, as an @ message on Twitter, or on the COTJ Facebook Page!

Impatient?  You can listen to the “Corn on the Job With Bob” theme song by clicking the link below!  Adios!

“Corn on the Job With Bob” Theme Song!

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Lauren McCabe
Lauren McCabe

If Bob isn't eating veggies, he is definitely NOT doing yoga. And yoga goes so well with lifting!! Come on corn heads! :-) Anyway, I stumbled across this job seeker question, and I'm not sure quite how to answer it: "I was just wondering what information goes into a letter of recommendation? I asked one of my professors if he would honor me with a letter of recommendation, but what are they supposed to write?" I remember my college career counselor urging me to get one from a professor in case I went to grad school, but are those recs useful for the job search? Rahr? Thanks ya'll!


how can a lifter not like fruits and veggies?? You need force! :) Looking forward to this series. I'd be interested in a topic addressing trying to get jobs abroad - I get emails from people almost weekly asking me how they can move to France and find work and it's such a complicated issue. I'm not sure if you both have encountered the topic in your "short careers" but it's bound to come up eventually!

Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

B - can't tell if you are serious or not, but I'm taking it as a compliment either way :o) Thanks for the comment!

Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

Hey Lindsey - I try to make him eat his broccoli, but he isn't having it. I'm not sure Bob's dealt with that at all, and I know I've only had it come up through Twitter and the blog. I know what my answer would be...maybe I'll see what Bob thinks


Vitamins!!! I have dealt with some over the boarder and across sea's positions. I'll work with Richy on giving my 2cents on the subject.

Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

Woah - Bob announces himself in Social Media! This is a big step.... Maybe we'll do a global episode down the line?