Corny Questions: What Do You Wish Job Seekers Knew?

by Rich DeMatteo on July 10, 2012 · 6 comments

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Today I’m launching a new series called, “Corny Questions”.  Part of the success of Corn on the Job comes from the fantastic community of recruiters, HR professionals, bloggers, career experts, and job seekers, so bringing their thoughts and opinions into the mix will help keep ideas fresh, information flowing, and possibly spark a few debates.



So, how does it work?  Every now and then I’ll be asking folks on Twitter and/or Facebook a job search or career related question, and then sharing their answers with you here.  Easy, right?

Today’s Question

Answers from Twitter


My Answers

  • Don’t be nervous, you are also interviewing the company.  Bring questions to grill them and decide if it’s a right fit for you.
  • I wish job seekers knew their interviewers.  Research them on LinkedIn and prepare for a few hours, not just 10 minutes.
  • I wish job seekers knew that they should only arrive to the office 10 minutes early, not one hour.
  • Job seekers should know your resume and skills like the back of your hand.  Looking down and saying, “umm” isn’t helping.

What is your answer to the question?

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I like the CareerReform answer, but do think companies make it too hard to figure this out sometimes. Opaque or redundant job descriptions don't help candidates figure out what companies really want. More honesty in the job description and recruitment/interview process helps candidates better understand if an opportunity is worth their--and the company's--time. Many candidates have it all out there on social media, but companies are often a little less transparent.


I wish college kids applying for jobs on campus still acted like it was an off-campus, "real" job. I once walked into a job interview to see the candidate before me walk out in jeans and a hoodie. I was absolutely floored.