COTJ Reviews Gulpfish: Social Job Search Tool

by Rich DeMatteo on January 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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The problem: Applying for jobs on Monster, CareerBuilder, and other large sites can sometimes have us feeling like we just aren’t getting our personality through.  Along with feeling like robots, the process is tedious and leaves us confused as to where we’ve even applied and who has interest in us.

The answer: GULPFISH.COM

What is Gulpfish?

Gulpfish is a start up social job search website that helps seekers not only get more of their personality into their job applications but also makes for an easy to use and organized search tool.

Some great features you’ll see on Gulpfish include:

  • Creative and elaborate profile section
  • On-line interviews right on Gulpfish
  • Job Search Organization
  • View Top-5 Employers (Employers can view Top 5-Candidates)
  • Television job search application (first of it’s kind)

Gulpfish’s Elaborate Profile Creation

Gulpfish provides many options for job seekers when creating a profile, which sets them apart from the big name job boards.  Here is a run down of the features/options in the profile creation section:

Contact Information – This section is what it seems.  Name, location, and the information companies need to reach you.

Professional Information – Here you’ll list out the job title/profession you are targeting, the industry you work in, certifications you’ve received, and lastly your professional education.

Career Data – This section goes deeper into your career.  It asks you to provide industry blog posts you’ve written, if you’re willing to relocate, and if you’d be willing to take a job in another industry for comparative pay.  These are great questions that you don’t see on many job search websites.

Bio – What’s really cool about the bio section is that Gulpfish provides four templates for job seekers (Unemployed, Employed, Student, and Empty).  It’s not easy to talk about ourself when asked to, so this is very helpful!

Photo – Yep, you get a photo too!  If you’d rather not have one, that’s an option as well.

Resume & Cover Letter – Gulpfish allows you to paste in a saved Resume & Cover Letter, or they will help you create one.

Portfolio – I love this section!  Gulpfish allows you to toss in Pictures, Video, Audio, and other Files that help show off your talents.  This portfolio section is perfect for any creative type job seeker!

Video Bio – Another cool feature is the video resume section.  You can upload a file from your computer, upload it from YouTube, or go to videoBIO to create one!

Gulpfish Organizes Your Job Search

Gulpfish offers a few cool features to help you keep your job search organized.  On the right side of your “Home” page, you’ll see “Employers” and “Interview Calendar”.  The “Employers” box is where you’ll see the employers you’ve saved, as well as an inbox section for messages.  Underneath that section is where you’ll see your calendar that shows all of your interviews you’ve set up.

Job Search From My Television?  Yep!

Gulpfish has launched the first of it’s kind television application that allows companies and their potential candidates to connect and interact right on their Samsung application enabled internet televisions.  The application they’ve created is the Gulpfish Social Job Connect Application.  I haven’t seen exactly what it looks like and how it works yet, but I’m very excited to get a look at it sometime very soon!

Gulpfish is Co-owned by “Full Force”

The “Full Force” brothers (Lucien George also known as Bowlegged Lou, Paul George also known as Paul  Anthony, and Brian George known as B-Fine) have signed on as co-owners of Gulpfish.  The three brothers acted as bullies in the hit films House Party 1 & 2.  If you aren’t familiar with those movies, maybe you know who Rihanna, Brittany Spears, Patti Labelle, The Backstreet Boys, Lil Kim, and Nicki Minaj are.  Those are just some of the artists that the “Full Force” brothers have written &/or produced music for.

The brothers will help form a Gulpfish Music & Entertainment division to help connect those creative professional with jobs.  This division of Gulpfish is coming soon, but you can find it by clicking here.

Final Words From COTJ

While Gulpfish has really only just begun, they have already been tagged as an innovator in the social job search space.  Their partnership with the “Full Force” brothers will help them grow at a much quicker rate than most start ups, and creative professionals should be very excited about the partnership.

Create your free profile today on!

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