COTJ Reviews ZuzuHire: Multimedia Interview Tool for Recruiters

by Rich DeMatteo on March 14, 2011 · 6 comments

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The Problem: The phone screen is critical to the interviewing process, but it’s become a gigantic pain for recruiters and hiring managers.  Not only do you have a swarm of candidates to screen, but it’s also challenging to schedule each applicant.  When finally scheduling successfully, the calls are incredibly time-consuming and it’s hard to take notes while listening and asking questions.  The serious kick in the pants comes when you realize that candidates are just blending in, and it’s hard to point out differences.   Ugh.

The Answer:

What is ZuzuHire?

ZuzuHire is an exciting new multimedia recruiting tool that helps recruiters screen candidates faster and more effective than the standard phone screen.   ZuzuHire was developed to make life easier for both the Corporate HR/Recruiter and the folks at Recruiting Firms.

Why a Company uses ZuzuHire?

Screen Job Applicants With Minimal Effort: You can link your sweet ZuzuHire template to a job posting.  Each candidate that applies will be required to answer the multimedia interview questions before submitting. ZuzuHire also integrates to your trusty ATS, and we all know how important they are to recruiters!  Oh, and ZuzuHire is brandable, so your candidates will see your company logo and information.  Awesome!

Phone Screens Are Awful:  As previously mentioned, phone screens are time consuming, challenging, and generally no fun for the candidate or hiring team.  Just create an interview template for the job, and e-mail it to candidates to complete at home.  Easy.

Why a Recruiting Firm uses ZuzuHire?

Slick Candidate Presentation: Competition is tight in staffing, so send your client something they haven’t seen before.  Along with the resume, show them your candidates completed multimedia interview to give them a full view into the applicant.

Speedy Screening: In recruiting, it’s all about speed to delivery.  Post your ZuzuHire template on the job posting or use it as an initial screening tool to make sure you send qualified candidates over before your competition. They’ll also find the almost non-existence of scheduling screens makes life much easier!

Multimedia Question Options

There are four multimedia question options when creating an interview template.  This is helpful when deciding the purpose for the template (initial job applicant screen or phone interview).

Video Response: Candidates will have 3 minutes to answer your question on video.  They utilize their own webcam to perform this step.  Personally, I’d use this option heavily in the first interview option to help replace a phone screen.  I wouldn’t use it to screen out all possible job applicants that apply online.

Voice Response:   Candidates respond to your question using their computer microphone.  This is also perfect for the first interview, replacing the phone screen.

Written Response:  Candidates will have an open text box to write down their answer.  It provides them enough space to give a ton of detail, obviously important.  This is a perfect option to ask candidates about skills/training, why they want the job, previous work experience, etc.  Useful option for both initial screen and first interview.

Yes/No or Multiple Choice:  Perfect for the initial screen.  Is there a skill set that is absolutely needed for the position?  Just add in a Yes/No question and you’ll have your answer.   Another example of use would be to add in a years of experience multiple choice question.

Creating an Interview Template is Easy!

Seriously, it’s just so easy!  You’ll pick which multimedia question option you want to add to your interview template, and then type in the question you want the candidate to answer.  At the bottom you’ll see a button that allows for easily adding more questions into the template.  Check out the embedded video demo below!

Brand Your Interview Templates

This is a really cool feature that ZuzuHire offers.  Simply add your company logo to the interview template.  This is critical if using the interview template for an initial screen of internet applicants.  Here’s a screen shot of what a branded interview template would look like.

COTJ’s Final Words

We all know recruiters are busy with an overload of candidates.  The reality here is that the overload isn’t going anywhere, so recruiters should seek out tools that will help them perform their job quicker and more effective.  ZuzuHire provides a solution that’s easy to use, fun for candidates, and in my opinion, much better than a phone interview.  Once you create your templates you’re pretty much done!  Sit back, send templates to candidates or attach them to job postings, and review the responses at your convenience!

ZuzuHire offers incredibly affordable pricing.  You pay for your template, not for the amount of candidates you interview.  Click here to read more about pricing!

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