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by Rich DeMatteo on December 8, 2009 · 2 comments

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A couple weeks ago I was approached by Jessica Miller-Merrell to write up a guest post for her blog, Blogging4Jobs.com.  I urge you to check out all of the great stuff over there, but today I ask you to stop by and check out my featured post.  

The post is titled “They’re Just Not That Into You” and is inspired by one of, if not the biggest chick flick movie from 2009.  Along with an incredibly embarrassing confession, here are some other reasons to read:

  • Again I compare the similarities between dating and interviewing
  • This post features a list of dead-on give-a-ways that will make it clear the company is just not that into you
  • My pep talk for rejected job seekers
  • Did I mention there is an embarrassing confession in the post?  I guess by now, you can already guess what it is!

Click here to check my featured post on Blogging4Jobs.com

Have you ever missed the signs?  Interested in your thoughts so please do leave a comment!

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Rich DeMatteo
Rich DeMatteo

Hey Margo thanks for the support. I really enjoyed writing this post, and glad you liked it. Hopefully some of my job seeker friends can now pick up the signs!

Margo Rose @HRMargo twitter
Margo Rose @HRMargo twitter

I read the post and it rocked the house. You are a rising star, and the industry eyes are watching. I'm proud to call you friend.