Awesome Job Seeker Services!

Résume Critique – $64.99

You’re not seeing much success from your current resume, so therefore, you’re concerned that maybe it could be better!  Email your resume over to me and I’ll send you a written critique back in a PDF document.  You’ll receive my thoughts on:

  • The general flow of the resume
  • How easy/hard it is to read
  • Suggestions on improving the resume format
  • How you look to to recruiters and hiring managers when they receive your resumes
  • My suggestions on how else to improve your resume
** Also offer Cover Letter critiques for $49.99

Résume Rewrite – $109.99

You feel your existing resume needs to be changed and tweaked around to bring it to life and receive more response from employers.  You and I set up a phone or skype call to discuss what’s missing from your resume and then I take over.  You’ll receive a resume back in 3 -5 business days (add $50 if you need the resume completed overnight.

Here is a testimonial from a recent customer:

With Rich’s help, I was able to take my existing resume and dig a bit further into the depths of my experience and create something that pops. I know I needed an “experience” section and didn’t know what was right to add. Rich helped me with all of this. We added keywords, cleaned things up (a lot) and took out unnecessary excess. What I ended up with was a really refined and well-organized resume.

To prove this: Last November I interviewed with a great company but wasn’t the right fit for them at that time. Two weeks ago I interviewed with that same company but with my new and improved Corn On The Job resume. The owner noticed that I had made major changes to the resume and said it was the right thing to do. He said that it has “a more professional look and feel” to it. Bingo. That was exactly what I wanted and it’s exactly what I got. Now I have a follow up interview on Monday! – Jamie K.

** Also offer Cover Letter Rewrite’s for $89.99

Half Hour Job Search Consulting (Skype/Phone) – $74.99

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position to coach thousands of job seekers reach their goals.  Wether it’s through Corn on the Job, or my years of recruiting experience, I’ve brought success to job seekers and helped them reach their goals.  This is proven by being named as one of the World Most Desirable Mentors.

When you sign up for Job Search Consulting, you receive one on one coaching, and the opportunity to ask all of the questions you battle with daily.  The session can be built however you’d like, but here are some options:

  • Identify a Job Search Strategy and set up goals to help you succeed
  • Identify the websites, social locations, live events, and other forums for you to job search
  • Online and live networking strategies and goals
  • How to follow up without seeming like a pest
  • Resume & Cover Letter questions
Here’s a testimonial from a happy customer:

After working under a grueling eight month internship in minor league baseball, Rich’s keen insight truly helped me as I began networking for my next opportunity. Through solid and prompt advice, Rich’s opinions and suggestions permitted me in getting a job offer from an outstanding company. Rich has a natural understanding and passion for human resources and, more importantly, in helping others achieve their goals. “Two Thumbs Up! – Sean A.

One Hour Job Search Consulting (Skype/Phone) – 129.99

Want more?  Add another half hour to your session!


Mock Phone Interview or Mock Video Interview – $99.99

Phone screens are your gateway into your dream company.  If you do well on the phone screen then you’ll most likely be given an interview and a chance to impress the hiring manager.  Many companies are beginning to utilize Video Interviews instead of phone screens or in person interviews.  Be prepared and ensure you come across well virtually.

Once you purchase, you’ll email your resume and the job description of the job you’re applying for.  I’ll then call or video call and pretend to be a recruiter from that company.  I’ll go through interview questions that I believe they will ask.  that most companies When we’re done, I’ll share with you how you did and what you can do to improve.

Here is a testimonial from a recent customer:

Rich is super helpful, extremely friendly and he really cares about other people and their job search. The day before my first phone interview, he gave me a mock interview and presented all of the potential scenarios & questions I should expect. I went into the interview completely prepared.

Job Seeker Social Media Package – $249.99

Social Media is becoming increasingly important to the job search.  Over 90% of company recruiters are using Social Media to find and interact with talent.  The Job Seeker Social Media Package covers the following areas:

  • Linkedin: We review and edit your current profile.  If you need to build a new profile from scratch, I’ll help you understand what’s most important.   I’ll help you understand which Linkedin Groups are important to join and how to best reach out to people for connection requests. Lastly, we’ll set networking goals to ensure your network builds rapidly.
  • Twitter: We review and edit your current profile or build a new profile together.  We’ll discuss how Twitter should be used as a job seeker, and identify how you can gain exposure.
  • Facebook: We discuss if Facebook is an option for you.  I help you understand how to control your privacy settings to ensure nothing comes back to bite you in the end.
  • Blogging, Industry Blogs, and Niche Sites: Do you think you’d like your very own Job Search Blog?  We’ll talk about the basics of blogging and how to gain attention from industry professionals through your blog.  Don’t want your own website?  We’ll talk about how to become an active community member on various industry blogs and career sites.

Awesome Job Seeker Services!