U.S. unemployment numbers released today. Should we have high hopes?

by Rich DeMatteo on August 7, 2009 · 0 comments

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Mark Harden, of the Denver Business Journal, wrote a positive article surrounding the great shit stew we have brewing.  U.S. unemployment numbers were released today, and possibly show signs of progress.  Harden writes, “The nation’s latest employment numbers, released Friday, were the most encouraging in months, showing a much smaller decline in jobs than earlier this year and even a slight drop in the unemployment rate.”

U.S jobless rate dropped to 9.4% from 9.5% in the previous month, and the last three months have seen U.S. employment losses average out at 331,000 a month, as compared to an average of 645,000 over the prior 6 months.  Again, Mark brings some hope to readers.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t exactly end giving us a reason to join the great, late Harry Kalas in singing “high hopes”(there it is, my cheap philly plug). Mark goes on to say, “Still, while the BLS figures suggest that the nation may be approaching the bottom of its recession-fueled employment plunge, they also show that the climb back up to more typical employment levels will be a long one.”

Thanks to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the frowns.  Have a nice weekend Corn Heads.

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