Why Working with Kids is the Most Rewarding Career

If you’re currently looking not only for a job but for a fulfilling career that you’ll love from now until the time you hang up your boots and retire, you simply must consider the possibility of working with kids. Whether you get your online bsw to become a children’s social worker, or get your teacher’s […]

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Why Becoming a Teaching Assistant Is Ideal for Your Career Progression

Making a career change to become a teaching assistant has become so much easier with teaching assistant courses available from NCC Home Learning. If you’ve been thinking about taking a teaching assistant course for a while, but have been feeling apprehensive, now is the time to do it. Here’s why:   Become a Teacher in […]

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The Guide to Social Media and How Companies Use It to Hire You

Online presence screening has never been a significant topic until in recent years when companies check out people’s online identities as the basis for their hiring potential. Social media background check is now a standard action both for personal and career-related reasons. Companies now go for a social media check to make sure that they’re […]

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Landing High Paying Jobs: A Super Quick And Effective Guide

We all need money to survive, that much is a fact. Some might not need much, and others will want more for entertainment, clothes, and other non-essentials. Whichever category you fall into doesn’t really matter. Landing a high paying job can be a great experience for anybody who wants a rewarding career while bringing home […]

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5 Signs a Company is Good to Work For, and 3 Signs They’re Not

Landing the office job of your dreams starts with finding the right company to work for. When you find the perfect employer it’s like finding a spouse. The relationship is mutually beneficial, enjoyable and you can grow together. But finding a highly compatible company isn’t always easy. On paper, a company may seem like the […]

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How to Screen an Applicant via Social Media

Working in the HR department can sometimes become very stressful. Facing a variety of people with different personalities can give someone a headache, and it would sometimes result in a very difficult situation for the company. If multiple applicants are highlighting the best resumes, and they are competing for a single position, it is up […]

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What are the best jobs sectors in the post-Brexit economy?

The impacts of Brexit on jobs in the UK is still uncertain, as immigrants have taken up millions of jobs in the service sector, and the government is planning to prevent visaless EU citizens from being able to live and work in the country from March 2019. As the government discusses its departure from the […]

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But It Looked So Easy! 10 Tips For First Time Managers (Infographic)

 Good managers make it look easy so the realities of management come as a a big surprise to most people. The promotion to your first management job is the toughest career transition of all for most people. As a manager you need to be available to your team while also mastering a whole new skill […]

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How To Get That Office Job Of Your Dreams

Pexels Image Source: Office picture   So you’re looking for that dream office job, whether that be as a receptionist, a data entry clerk, or a human resources consultant – they all tend to fall into the same category. While people don’t expect an office job to be difficult because it is viewed as being […]

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High Paying Jobs: Career Prospects Worth Thinking About

When we are in school, we find ourselves either knowing exactly what we want to do in life, or not having the faintest idea. Can you remember which person you were? Often, if you had an idea of the career you wanted, you also were aware of the study and educational journey you were about […]

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