5 Reasons to Bin Timesheets Infographic

If you’ve been debating about moving away from timesheets, here are 5 reasons to push you the way of technology. This great infographic comes to us from uAttend Time and Attendance Solutions.

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How to Be a Great Manager Infographic

Do you know how to be a great manager? Chronologic Workforce Management developed this great infographic which shares a few tips.  

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Complete Guide To Finding A Job Caring For Children

There are some very good reasons for wanting a job where you will be caring for children. It is an honor and a privilege to work with the youngest members of society and to help to shape their lives. It is also a huge responsibility so it is important that you think carefully before you […]

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Ready to Open Up a Restaurant? How to Make Sure

Sure, preparing food and watching those you love devour it might be a passion of yours, but that might not be enough to ensure that you are going to be a success with the opening of your own restaurant. There is generally a lot more to the owning and running of a successful establishment than […]

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Proofreading Online Check: Why Good Grammar in Business Emails

While you may be thinking that incorrect grammar won’t hinder you in performing business functions, such as writing emails, re-think. Did you know that your grammar is your image? Good or bad, you’re in control of it. If you have a choice, won’t you make your emails error-free before hitting that “SEND” button? Of course, […]

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5 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Landing A Knockout Punch

Image source Writing a good resume is one of the most soul-destroying and sleep depriving tasks anyone will ever encounter. It’s horrible. However, without a one, your chances of landing a job are even slimmer than Conor McGregor’s chances of landing a punch (we know, right; topical). Unfortunately, because this task is so dire, too […]

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Occupational Therapy Jobs Are on the Rise

Occupational Therapy jobs are on the rise! There are more positions ready to be filled every day by caring, driven and compassionate people like yourselves. Job Description There are several career options available in the OT industry. If your passion is working with people and helping them to become stronger and healthier, an OT job […]

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How to Become an Accountant – the Complete Guide

Do you have a head for numbers? Do you enjoy placing data and information in a logical order? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Do you have the ability to spot financial wrong-doing and fraud? Being an accountant is not just about submitting self-assessment tax returns on behalf of private individuals and companies. Accountancy is […]

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Why you Should Consider Copying Someone Else’s Resume

Writing a resume from scratch is a terrifying thing. From wrestling with Microsoft Word’s sometimes odd formatting functions to trying to remember all of your valuable experiences from the last 10 years, nothing is more scary when job hunting than staring at a blank computer screen. What professional resume writers and editors don’t tell you […]

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What Is Continuing Education And How Can It Help You Earn More?

Only a small minority of adults have grasped the immense value of continuing education. However, continuing education should be differentiated from self-education. While self-education is the pursuit of learning for its own sake, continuing education is more goal-oriented — and it includes everything from adult education for catching up on missing early education, to professional […]

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