How to start hearing back from employers and living Nine to Alive!

If you ask job seekers what they’re most frustrated about, the most frequent answer is that they aren’t hearing back from employers after submitting a resume or application.  Lately, many questions, problems, and frustrations from Corn on the Job readers has followed that trend.  For this reason and others, I’ve decided to team up with […]

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Become the bullfighter, defeat your bull, and be like JFK

I was interviewed by City Sylvester the other day,  and one question asked me to talk about a favorite quote of mine that could be helpful for job seekers.  Right away, a quote that I had read in Sam Sheridan’s “A Fighter’s Heart” stung clear in my head. Bullfight critics, ranked in rows Crowd the enormous […]

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Corn is on the move (and not just into a new apartment)

Some of you may already know this, but let this post be the official announcement.  I’ve moved out of my parents house, and into my own place.  Oh yes, it is official, and I’ve now been living here for just over a week. The move has been very interesting, very tiring, very exhausting, and very […]

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That time I got a typewritten resume…

How many people reading this post know how to use a typewriter?  Your guess is as good as mine, but if a certain candidate from last week is reading this post then our answer is at least 1. So, here I am minding my own business, just hunting on Linkedin, when all of a sudden […]

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Research your recruiter, you never know what you’ll find

Every now and then, a candidate will come along and surprise a recruiter.  Sometimes in a bad way, and sometimes in a good way.  On Friday, I was surprised in a good way. I was making my last call of the day on Friday, and had just started a phone screen.  Right after explaining what […]

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