Why You Should Avoid The Sexy Stench Of Counter Offers

Laura is based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada, where she spends her weekends snowboarding in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Laura is an active blogger at IT Matters Canada!. Laura started her blog  to help others go beyond  their career potential and find fulfillment in what they do. She also works at a leading IT firm as a senior […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Linkedin

I’m about to unleash the greatest Beginners Guide to Linkedin EVER created!   The holidays are over, so consider this your late present from Cornz. There is a ton of information here, so set aside some time, read the guide, and then fire me any questions you may have. Why use Linkedin? I really could […]

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Why I Won’t Read Your Cover Letter (Guest post from Jodi Glickman)

Jodi Glickman is a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Chile) turned investment banker (Goldman Sachs’) turned communication expert. She is the founder of communication training firm Great on the Job, a regular contributer to the Harvard Business Review Blog and the author of the upcoming book: Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say […]

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COTJ Reviews ZuzuHire: Multimedia Interview Tool for Recruiters

The Problem: The phone screen is critical to the interviewing process, but it’s become a gigantic pain for recruiters and hiring managers.  Not only do you have a swarm of candidates to screen, but it’s also challenging to schedule each applicant.  When finally scheduling successfully, the calls are incredibly time-consuming and it’s hard to take […]

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Top 5 Shiny Happy Resume Optimization Tips (Guest Post From Craig Fisher)

Craig Fisher is recruitment consultant, social media strategist, and trainer. He helps people and businesses leverage social media, mobile, and other new communication tools to get matched with the *right* customers, the *right* talent, and the *right* jobs. Craig hosts the original social recruiting forum on Twitter, and live conference events, known as TalentNet Live […]

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The Top 100 Most Desirable Mentors — COTJ is #92

GenJuice asked young adults from around the world who they admire in order to build a list of the Top 100 Desirable Mentors.  Last week on Twitter, friends and new friends kept congratulating me for making it onto this list.  At first I had no idea what they were talking about.  When i clicked into […]

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Engulfed in your career or job search? Unplug. (Guest post from Grace Boyle)

Grace Boyle, a 20-something adventurista. She lives in Boulder, CO and is the Publisher Services Manager for the tech startup, Lijit. Her personal blog, Small Hands, Big Ideas covers her life in a startup, career, relationships and daily inspirations. She is passionate about food and travel, both of which she writes about on her food […]

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Announcing the Launch of JobHuntChat.com

Last night on #JobHuntChat’s one-year anniversary, Jessica and I announced the launch of JobHuntChat.com!  When we began #JobHuntChat a year ago, it completely changed the game for job seekers — in a good way!  With #JobHuntChat, seekers could now talk to hundreds of career professionals at one time, gaining many valuable opinions, instead of just […]

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She broke my heart when she asked, “Is LinkedIn the same as Career Builder?”

Something very disturbing happened to me last week and after I pulled my jaw up off the floor I realized I needed to share it here. A recent college graduate that I’m friends with on Facebook had a status that said, “Jobs….Jobs”.  Naturally, I sent a private message to see if I could help her […]

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The #JobHuntChat Anniversary Show is Coming!

I can’t believe that #JobHuntChat has reached the one year mark already.  It has been one hell of a year and I just want to thank all of the #JobHuntChat supporters for their participation.  Jessica and I simply provide you the forum to make it all happen, but your conversations, engagement, and helpful information is […]

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