Don’t tell me about your butt

The Story OK, so back when I worked as a technical recruiter, I used to interact with some pretty wild job seekers.  And by wild, I mean that some crazies told me way too much about their personal lives. I’ve had job seekers send me pictures of their newborn babies, their weddings, their vacations, and […]

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The NFL Draft: The Perfect Hiring Process

This is a guest post from Matt Charney, a former corporate recruiter turned social media manager.  He wants you to know that these opinions are his own, not his employer’s.  Find him on Twitter @mattcharney or connect with Matt There’s nothing like the NFL Draft, when the eyes of the nation tune in to […]

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Passion, Money, and Ben & Jerry’s

Phone calls with my boomer bud, Steve Levy, are becoming quite frequent.  When we spoke again yesterday, I walked away with some profound boomer advice, and a new take on my own career destination.  He let me in on a question that he asks folks who might need help  figuring out what they should be […]

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If Ke$ha made it, so can you

If you really want something, you should be willing to do almost anything to get it.  I mean, let’s take Ke$ha for example.  This whack job artist, wanted to break into the pop scene so bad that she broke into Prince’s home to leave him a demo.  Classy?  Maybe not, but classy isn’t really her […]

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Lessons from #truUSA: Steve Levy is my parents

Sarah White and I led a track at #truUSA on Generation Y.  In the unconference format, we talked about Generation Y and the similarities and/or differences between them and other generations.  Things were going just splendid.  The debate was hitting different parts of the room, from all levels of professional expertise.  Time was winding down, […]

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