No, it’s really not just like riding a bike…

I used to ride my bike everywhere.  To the hobby shop, through the park, to my friends houses, and on the dirt track where I did “tricks”.  When I discovered roller blades and roller hockey, my bike was put away in the shed and never used again.  For the next 15 years or more, I […]

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The “weakness” interview question is so weak (video embedded)

I’ve never asked someone to explain to me their weaknesses on an interview.  Sorry, I just won’t do it.  I was trained to stay away from it, and I’ve been continuously reminded to avoid that useless question when conducting interviews. Why? Well, when most people are asked, they try to think of something negative that […]

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“What I Know About Getting A Job” – The eBook

Download the eBook —-> What I Know About Getting A Job Job search and career advice is troubling for job seekers.  It’s not because of the advice giver, but because there is never just one right answer, and each person needs a unique solution to fit their situation.  Job seekers come from all walks of […]

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E-book Announcement – Release date 7/20/10

I’ve been keeping something to myself for a while now, but I’ll refuse to hold it in any longer. A few months back, Penelope Trunk and I began talking about putting together an E-book that would become a free resource for Gen-Y Job Seekers.  Well, the project is near completion and we are planning on […]

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My dog is picky about where he urinates…are you?

My dog is picky about where he urinates, and lately he’s worse than ever.  Let me explain. A pretty wicked storm whipped through our town last week and it caused an ass-slapping ton of destruction.  My back yard is a public park with many trees, and the storm left dozens of huge branches, and thousands […]

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