Stupid Girl Loses Her Job Because of Facebook Status

Some people are stupid.  You know this, right?  I mean, all of us can think of a handful of dumb people in our lives.  So, this post isn’t a lecture.  It’s not a “don’t do this”, warning post.   What we have here today is simply you, me, and countless others laughing at someone’s stupid […]

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What Frustrates You Most About Job Seekers? Poll

Alright Job Seekers, you had your chance last week to vent your frustrations, but let’s hear from the other side! Today I’d like to hear what recruiters and hiring managers say if asked what frustrates them about job seekers.  I’m sure I didn’t capture everything, so if your answer is “other” then please do add […]

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Personal Branding, Twitter, and #LateNightCorn

I don’t write about personal brand here on COTJ too often, mainly because I believe building a brand is simply about being yourself. If building your brand isn’t fun, then my guess is it’s because you’re faking who you are. Shame on you. Know what you stand for, both on the business side and the […]

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What Frustrates You As A Job Seeker? It’s Poll Time!

Ok, so I haven’t ran a poll here in a while, and I think it’s time to start one up. A few job seekers have been ranting about their frustrations lately, and while we all have fun bitching and moaning about the job search process, we all hate one part of it more than others. […]

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New to the Corn Family: and

Yes, I did say ‘Corn Family’, and yes, I really did buy the domain names and  It did happen, it is very real. Why, Rich…why?  Let’s think about it. We all know that deep down, we wish that we were associated with a vegetable.  Don’t lie.  You know you sometimes wish that when […]

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