Gap Analysis for Career Development (Guest Vlog from Jenny Blake)

Jenny Blake has worked at Google for five years, and is currently a Career Development Program Manager and internal coach. She is the author of the upcoming book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want (Running Press, 2011) and blogs at, where she provides simple, practical tips about life, work, […]

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Why Cover Letters Are Like Male Nipples

I was recently told that I have an infected wisdom tooth.  That was part one of COTJ hears poopy sandwich news.  Part two is that my tooth and his three idiot counterparts will be extracted on February 1st, 2011. Why is this happening to me at the tender age of 27 and 1/2?  Why do […]

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I have the Interview, now what?

Today’s guest post is from David Graziano.  David has 25 years experience as a Social Recruiting Strategist and Full Life Cycle Talent Acquisition Specialist in the Contract, Sourcing, Permanent, Staff Augmentation and Corporate Recruiting space, including extensive experience in Virtual Talent Acquisition and Web 2.0 technologies. David is available for consulting, speaking and training engagements. […]

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Goofy Looking Dudes, Sandwiches, and a Fake Video Resume

The world is full of jokesters, goofy looking dudes, and sandwiches.  The video resume embedded below includes all of those things, and it is indeed a fake. The problem with video resumes like this is that it’s hard to tell if a person is just trying to be funny in their video, or if it’s […]

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How to Avoid an Out-of-Whack Sleep Cycle When Unemployed

It really sucks to have a screwed up sleep cycle.  The stress that results is unreal, and  it’s actually a common bad habit that forms when people become unemployed.  Some folks will literally hit the snooze button for hours in the morning, and eventually just set their alarms to go off for a later time. […]

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Security Guard Closes Draw Bridge on Innovative Job Seeker

By now you’ve probably heard the incredibly story of Ted Williams, America’s favorite homeless person.  Alcohol, drugs, and “a few other things” eventually led to Ted’s unfortunate situation, but he was blessed with a golden radio voice that is comparable to a mix of Jesus and Frank Sinatra. Passing cars would pay a scary looking […]

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COTJ Reviews Gulpfish: Social Job Search Tool

The problem: Applying for jobs on Monster, CareerBuilder, and other large sites can sometimes have us feeling like we just aren’t getting our personality through.  Along with feeling like robots, the process is tedious and leaves us confused as to where we’ve even applied and who has interest in us. The answer: GULPFISH.COM What is […]

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New Corn Head Shirts Are Here (Video Blog)

The new batch of Corn Head shirts for 2011 have arrived!  Check out the video below, and reply to the post if interested in a shirt!

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3 Job Seeker Resolutions for the New Year

1.  Use The Phone More Social Media is still the talk of the town, but we can’t forget about the phone.  I’ve made some really incredible friends through my social networks, but I’m 100% closer with the folks that I’ve talked to on the phone or have met in person.  In your job search strategies […]

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How to Use the New Facebook Profile to Get Hired

Facebook has once again evolved and updated the way we share our lives with the world.  The most noticeable change sees Facebook taking the last five tagged pictures of you, and placing them near the top of your profile page  I’m sure that mostly everyone reading this post is well aware of this already, but […]

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