Quiet candidates, colorful resumes, and asshole house centipedes

I’m currently a little exhausted, bitter from spending too much on dry cleaning, and craving a buffalo chicken wrap that will be impossible to get my hands on right now.  These issues may or may not be the reason I’m about to unload a hefty rant on the world.  Well, whatever the reason, try to […]

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Part 1: #JobHuntChat Tackles Linked in

Today we have a bit of a special post here on COTJ.  Jessica and I are teaming up to release a recap of this weeks #JobHuntChat.  You’ll find Part 1 below, and then later this week Jessica will release part 2.  This weeks theme was all about Linked in and was one of our best […]

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A Guide to Creating a Professional Setting for Skype Interviews

You’ve interviewed at least a dozen times before.  You’ve dazzled interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters with your charm and slick answers.  Simply put, you’re a confident son of a bitch and you know that you’ll walk into any interview and leave with an offer. Hold up a second, boss, we have a tiny problem.  Your […]

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Quick Tip: Use the LinkedIn Headline to Announce Your Job Search

Often times, it’s the little things that pay dividends.  This is 100% true in the job search. Now, while I 100% agree and believe in the quick tip below, I can’t give myself full credit for coming up with it.  It’s actually something that I always remembered Bill Boorman talking about in #JobHuntChat, so please, […]

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I almost killed a night time runner at 10:30PM

I know why people die.  It’s because they are stupid.  Now let me tell you a story. For a number of reasons, one being to watch Dexter, I went home to my parents house today.  When the show ended at 10PM, I left to go back to my place.  There was a lot on my […]

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