Personal Branding, Twitter, and #LateNightCorn

I don’t write about personal brand here on COTJ too often, mainly because I believe building a brand is simply about being yourself. If building your brand isn’t fun, then my guess is it’s because you’re faking who you are. Shame on you. Know what you stand for, both on the business side and the […]

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What Frustrates You As A Job Seeker? It’s Poll Time!

Ok, so I haven’t ran a poll here in a while, and I think it’s time to start one up. A few job seekers have been ranting about their frustrations lately, and while we all have fun bitching and moaning about the job search process, we all hate one part of it more than others. […]

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New to the Corn Family: and

Yes, I did say ‘Corn Family’, and yes, I really did buy the domain names and  It did happen, it is very real. Why, Rich…why?  Let’s think about it. We all know that deep down, we wish that we were associated with a vegetable.  Don’t lie.  You know you sometimes wish that when […]

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Don’t tell me about your butt

The Story OK, so back when I worked as a technical recruiter, I used to interact with some pretty wild job seekers.  And by wild, I mean that some crazies told me way too much about their personal lives. I’ve had job seekers send me pictures of their newborn babies, their weddings, their vacations, and […]

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The NFL Draft: The Perfect Hiring Process

This is a guest post from Matt Charney, a former corporate recruiter turned social media manager.  He wants you to know that these opinions are his own, not his employer’s.  Find him on Twitter @mattcharney or connect with Matt There’s nothing like the NFL Draft, when the eyes of the nation tune in to […]

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