The Virgin Suicides: Job Seeker Edition

This is a guest post from Sarah White.  Sarah is the Cheif Strategy Officer at HRMDirect.  You can find Sarah on Twitter @ImSoSarah, and check out her HR, HR Technology, and Recruiting blog over at  One day, not that long ago, I was a college student.  I remember how anxious I was when I […]

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How to Kick Ass at Your First Job out Of School

Srinivas Rao obsesses over riding waves and turning it all into life lessons at The Skool of Life. He’s also the host and co-founder BlogcastFM, a podcast for bloggers Two summers ago I was an MBA intern at Intuit’s Turbotax division and one of the department heads held an information session for new employees and […]

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The Flyers, my birthday, and where I’m going on vacation next week

Some know that I’m a pretty wild hockey nut, and and a die hard Philadelphia Flyers fan.  For the first time in 13 years, the Flyers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year, which was a bigger deal to me than I could ever explain in words. When I was 2 or 3 […]

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Get Social, Get Positive, Get a Job: Why Social Media NEEDS To Be Part Of Your Job Search (Special Contest Inside)

Editors Note: Today’s guest post is from Marian Schembari.  Read through the post and catch our contest details at the bottom! Marian specializes in social media for job hunters, sometimes gets paid to write and works with authors who want to build up their personal brand. She blogs over at and usually features posts […]

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Stupid Girl Loses Her Job Because of Facebook Status

Some people are stupid.  You know this, right?  I mean, all of us can think of a handful of dumb people in our lives.  So, this post isn’t a lecture.  It’s not a “don’t do this”, warning post.   What we have here today is simply you, me, and countless others laughing at someone’s stupid […]

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