This Just In: I’m Annoyed by Twitter Starf*ckers

I’m not easily annoyed.  In fact, I’m known to be a calm, cool, and collected dude.  With that said, some Twitter users drive me absolutely insane, and Twitter Starfuckers are damn near the top of the list. Alright, so maybe you don’t know what it means to be a Twitter Starfucker.  Let’s look at a […]

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COTJ’s Awesome Starbucks Gift Card Contest Winners!

On Monday I announced a $20 Starbucks Gift Card Contest here on COTJ, in which you were asked to submit suggestions on ways I can take this blog to the next level.  The response was absolutely incredible, and created enough comments/submissions that I decided to hand out 3 additional Starbucks cards.  I’ve used a random […]

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Leave a comment, win a $20 Starbucks gift card

CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED AT THE BOTTOM Since last week I’ve been kind of in a give something awesome away mood.  And since I figure that most of you are raging coffee drinkers, a $20 Starbucks gift card is that awesome something.  So, how do you win?  Check the contest details below… COTJ’s Awesome $20 Starbucks […]

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The Resume Box

This is a guest post from Eric Leist, a Public Relations major in Boston University’s class of 2010. Eric blogs over at Meghan Biro’s firm Talent Culture and on his own blog,  You can also find him on Twitter @EricLeist. See this box? Get in it. It might be a little cramped in there. […]

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Questions for Corn: Explaining Twitter on Your Resume

On Thursday night, @HeatherHuhman and I were featured guests on #u30pro, a popular, and quite bad ass Twitter chat.  The co-moderators of #u30pro (@davidspinks, @CubanaLAF, & @SJhalestorm), brought us on to converse with folks about the nights topic, “negotiating a job offer”. While the chat was winding down, I announced that anyone with further questions […]

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Interview Horror Stories from #JobHuntChat

Last night, the sixth #JobHuntChat proved to be wildly successful.  From 10PM to 11PM ET, the amazing chatters assaulted Twitter with over 1,400 tweets, coming from 200 contributers.  While each week has been fun, last night has definitely set the bar for future chats, and I wanted to share responses from the most popular question […]

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There’s More To Your Career Than Passion

I read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It!, and I loved it.  I loved every ounce of that book, and I’m on board with Gary’s cry out to “cash in on your passion”.  But after having that word, passion, jack hammered into my brain, my eyes and ears became much more sensitive to the word, and it […]

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Matching Communications

AJ Kulatunga is a young entrepreneur who runs BLKMGK ICT a technology coaching firm and Dream,Build,Inspire,Lead! a project that aims to protect the dreams of cool young people all around the world and turn them into reality. After completing an IT Consulting degree in the middle of the dot com bust, AJ found it nearly […]

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Post #100 and The Best of COTJ

Today’s post is my 100th on COTJ, which calls for something a little special.   For this small milestone post, I am sharing with you the best of Corn On The Job.  I’m not sure these are the best, but they are certainly my favorite. Never Interview Like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers 5 Networking […]

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The 5 iPhone Apps That Every Job Seeker Needs

There are only 5 iPhone Apps needed for your job search.  That’s it, just 5. The list I’ve compiled below provides everything you need for your mobile job hunt.  This is it, I’ve created THE complete guide to iPhone job search apps!  Oh, and maybe the best thing I can report is that they are […]

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