Todays Top 10 Best Jobs

Loyal Corn Heads might remember last weeks article that covered todays 10 worst jobs. Well, it’s not all doom and gloom here at Corn on the Job.  Over the weekend I decided I’d bring you some sunshine with Today’s Top 10 Best Jobs, so back to CareerCast I went. For those of you with kids, […]

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How to prepare for illegal interview questions

While I believe ample time should be spent practicing popular interview questions, it’s also smart to know which questions are illegal and should never be asked.  Well trained HR folks have been brain washed into knowing every painful legality of interviewing, and pass that information over to hiring managers.  Sadly, some hiring managers just don’t […]

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Todays Top 10 Worst Jobs

In the summer of 2008 I had a dream that I was a Lumberjack with incredible super human powers.  This is very true, and I promise I’m going somewhere with this.  At that time I was working with the Customer Support group at Primavera on the recruiting and hiring efforts for a large number of […]

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FUNemployment Vacation #3 – Vegas

For the next couple days I’ll be off in Vegas becoming Mr. Papagorgio.  I would absolutely love to blog from the hotel, or next to The Eiffel Tower, but unfortunately a laptop is not in my possession.  Bummer. While I’m gone, send me some email to come back to.  Would love to hear suggestions for COTJ, as […]

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Does your resume say the magic word? How to best utilize keywords for resume success

How many times have you seen/heard this response after applying for a job, “Thanks for your interest in XYZ, we will review your resume and get back to you if this position, or others in the future match your qualifications?”   My guess is you’ve received this response more than once, and I bet each […]

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6 Tips to Overcome Interview Fear

Preparation in interviewing is absolutely crucial to your success as a candidate, and even those not experiencing fear should always prepare.  Click here to read up on interview preparation.  As an interviewer, I’ve worked with many candidates who have a fear of interviewing, some worse than others.  This is very common in people, possibly stemming […]

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Poll Of The Week #4: Which job search website do you use most?

Thanks to those for voting in this weeks poll!  Here are the results: First Place:  50% Other (listed below) Second Place: 42%  Monster Third Place: 8% CareerBuilder Fourth Place: 0% Yahoo! HotJobs Job Search Websites Listed in other: This survey fails to show it, but Monster and CareerBuilder are losing […]

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Cold, cruel, and hilarious interview prank from Monty Python (video clip)

Don’t want to give anything away, but I’ve actually heard horror stories from job seekers that mildly resemble the below interview clip from Monty Python.  This scene is gold, 18 kernels of pure gold.  Enjoy.

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U.S. unemployment numbers released today. Should we have high hopes?

Mark Harden, of the Denver Business Journal, wrote a positive article surrounding the great shit stew we have brewing.  U.S. unemployment numbers were released today, and possibly show signs of progress.  Harden writes, “The nation’s latest employment numbers, released Friday, were the most encouraging in months, showing a much smaller decline in jobs than earlier […]

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5 Networking Tips For Shy or Introverted People

Being shy can be a networking asset, you just need to know how to use it.  Remember, the world craves balance.  If networking events were made up of entirely extroverts, they would drive themselves crazy.  Here are COTJ’s 5 networking tips for shy or introverted people: 1. Utilize Social Media – Begin networking first on […]

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