How to Jump Start Your Nursing Career

If you’re aspiring to become a nurse, you must have a passion for helping others. This isn’t a job for everyone—being a good nurse is a gift that doesn’t come without its ups and downs. This is arguably one of the most demanding jobs in the medical field, but it’s also one of the most […]

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Skills That Can Improve Your Life… AND Your Job Prospects

We spend countless years at school, in college and university learning about all kinds of things. And as useful as this kind of education is, often we’re not taught actual life skills which we need and use in adulthood. For this reason, many of us move out of our parents home and find ourselves in […]

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Your Job Search Has Stalled: Back to School?

When you’ve graduated from college, or perhaps just from high school, the job search is on. Some people are lucky enough to secure a good job before they’ve officially graduated, so they can walk straight into well-paying (or, at least, fairly-paid) work. However, others can struggle, so they’re left working a low-paid job or even […]

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What To Check Before Your First Day

Well done, you have managed to secure a new role. Now you have to take the next step of starting the role and showing your worth. But it can be very nerve-wracking in the run-up to your first day. A lot of people are unsure of what to expect when they start the role. And […]

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Why Workplace Happiness and Job Satisfaction is Critical for New Hires

It is often said that money cannot buy happiness. The size of one’s monthly salary hardly equates to job satisfaction and this observation is becoming increasingly apparent in modern times. This is the very same reason why overall workplace contentment is one of the most sought-after traits of most jobseekers. Potential employees are no longer […]

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How NOT to HR: The Avengers Edition (Infographic)

It’s just as important to avoid bad practices in the workplace as it is to implement good ones. Lucky for us, the Avengers can help us learn some things we shouldn’t ever do. Really though, do any of this stuff and Thanos will hire your employees right from under your nose. The Computer Merchant, Ltd. […]

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5 Crucial Things Every Graduate Looking For Their Dream Job Must Focus On

It’s hard not to worry if you’re a graduate these days. A lot of people are unable to find a great job in their chosen field when they leave college, so they’re stuck somewhere they don’t want to be. The unlucky ones can’t even find a job in the first place. Only a select few […]

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Will London still be Europe’s business capital after Brexit?

As you may have heard, the UK is leaving the European Union. Early in the referendum campaign, and in the months before the triggering of Article 50, commentators feared this would be bad for business. Now we are months into the formal leaving process, what is the outlook? Will London still be the business capital, […]

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Improve Your Work Ethic and Take One Step Closer to Success

Most of the time, success isn’t just achieved by talent, skill, or luck alone. People tend to forget that one’s work ethic plays a vital role to achieving their goals. Without it, the foundation of your path to success is conducive to being unreliable. Whether you are the CEO of a company or someone who […]

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Earn The Dosh Without The Boss

Do you want to make a lot of money without having someone telling you what to do and how to do it? It sounds like you’re looking for a career that pays where you can essentially just be your own boss. It might sound like a pipe dream, but there are options like this on […]

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