Are You Caring, Compassionate And Dedicated? Nursing Could Be An Amazing Career Choice

There are plenty of people who dismiss nurses as the B teams for doctors, but that’s just not true. On average, a doctor in a major hospital will spend two minutes with each of their patients. Nurses will spend a lot longer with the people in need. That’s why nursing often attracts people who are […]

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Simple Changes To Make Yourself A More Attractive Candidate

Source: Flickr While the job market is certainly better than it has been in the past, it’s still fiercely competitive, and we could see all kinds of major shifts at the drop of a hat. Whether you’re already hunting for jobs or you think you may have to start in the near future, you’ll obviously […]

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Why you should be applying for FE Jobs

The further education sector is in urgent need of people to fill in a wide range of fe jobs. As well as a generation in leadership positions retiring, there is also a teacher shortage across the educational sector. According to The National Association of Head Teachers, 59% of schools advertising for teachers “struggled” to get […]

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Tired of Your Dull Job? Here Are Some Steps to Ponder

It’s not uncommon for people to have a career crisis at some point. This is when you look at your current career situation and ask yourself whether you’re on the right path. We all have to make the most of our time on planet Earth. So, it’s vital you spend it doing something you enjoy […]

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Fancy A Change In Career? How About Getting Into Engineering?

Are you tired of your day job? Are you bored of the same routine over and over again? Do you wish to try something different and are you handy at making things? Then, there’s always an option for you in engineering. Interested? Read on. Image by If you’ve got a scientific and mathematical mind and […]

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How to Write an Irresistible Cover Letter

Due to the fact that the processes of applying for most jobs occur online, job seekers no longer take writing cover letters seriously. The truth is that cover letters are still relevant and you have absolutely nothing to lose if it’s submitted along with your resume. They should be typed using the correct format and […]

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4 Reasons Why Team Building Builds Stronger, Happier Teams

The word team building can often conjure up feelings of anxiety, fear, and even dread. Why is it that the term has such a bad rep? The reason is simple: a lot of team building activities are executed poorly and used only when a company believes its teams need a morale boost. The thing is, […]

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If You Build It, They Will Come: Starting and Sustaining Your Own Web Design Business

Developing websites for a career can be a rewarding experience. You’re always being faced with new information every day, different businesses you’d never think about or personal sites and movements that keep you educated. You are at the front lines of a business or person’s branding experience. By taking this a step even further, you […]

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Born for Broadcasting: Taking the Right Career Path for Radio

Some are born to entertain. However, not every personality and voice transfers well to radio. Yet, some are born for broadcasting, having a great voice, an appealing personality, or an interest in technical audio equipment and production. Here is a number of ideas that will get you on the right path to your first job […]

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Does your Small Business need help cutting costs?

How an effective return-to-work program can impact employee morale and cut workers’ compensation costs? Small business owners today are taking on many new costs from many different areas that have not been required of them in the past. Whether these costs are due to the because of the employee health insurance costs due to the […]

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