Unemployed and forgotten? Senate (finally) extends unemployment 14-20 weeks

In unison, millions of unemployed Americans let out a huge sigh of relief yesterday as Senate extended jobless benefits 14-20 weeks.  Many americans, however, share a feeling of frustration, believing that their country’s decision makers were worried more about devouring ‘lobster and steak’, than the well being of jobless workers.  Have millions of unemployed Americans […]

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Why Do Long Interview Processes Fail? (win a professional resume edit, contest details at bottom)

Want to win an absolutely FREE Professional Resume Edit complete by Vertical Media Solutions (www.vmsolu.com)?  Read contest details at the bottom! All participants win! Top talent moves fast, so why do companies insist on interview/hiring processes that take forever?  Most of us have been part of an incredibly awful interview process before, or at least […]

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Unemployment Extension Update

Legislation Update On October 27th Senate agreed on an 87-13 procedural vote to extend unemployment insurance.  A final vote will take place sometime this week, but all signs point to unemployment insurance being extended further. What does this mean? If your unemployment insurance benefits have been exhausted before the passing of this bill, you WILL […]

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5 Stupid Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them)

If you are new, register for my RSS feed! 1. Why do you want this job? This question fails so hard.  A recruiter/hiring manager needs to gauge your level of interest in their position and organization, obviously .  Initially, candidates can prove that by submitting a resume/application for the opening.  Also, not that employers have […]

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Interview Tip: Don’t forget hygiene (Contest winners announced in post!)

(Towards the bottom of this post you’ll find details for a contest, prizes included) Winners Announced at the bottom! Basic hygiene means taking showers daily, coating our underarms with deodorant, and spraying nice smelling cologne or perfume on our body (even if you are still using Cool Water).  Keeping oneself well groomed, with freshly brushed teeth and […]

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Attention Generation Y: Please share Facebook with your Mom

Life can change drastically in just 4 years.  In 2005 I had graduated from college, started my first “big boy” job as a recruiter, was living life with two healthy shoulders, my metabolism was in excellent shape, and my Mom was no where to be found on Facebook.  Flash forward 4 years to 2009 and […]

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The ‘L’ Word and Your Career

This post is inspired by the brilliance of Matt Cheuvront. Matt runs a sweet and utterly awesome blog called Life Without Pants. Go lose yourself over there for a bit, you won’t be disappointed. Matt recently posed the question, “Do you need to LOVE your job to be happy”, which sprung a debate between many Gen […]

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How to Creatively Network for Your Job Search (guest blog from Sam Diener)

This post was guest blogged by Sam Diener of The Sam Diener Blog. Sam has built a name for himself in the ever important networking arena.  His articles cover critical aspects of networking from various angles, providing powerful information to his readers.  Go pick his brain at SamDiener.com and enjoy Sam’s guest appearance on COTJ. So […]

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Weekend YouTube Update – Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest, Twitter, and you.

Ben Stiller is a god in my opinion, and after coming across the below video I’m man-crushing the guy even more.  Corn Heads not on Twitter won’t understand the humor, but my Tweeple will agree when I say this video is completely spot on in emulating a needy, annoying, and desperate Twitter user.  Under the […]

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What can Joaquin Phoenix teach us about switching careers? Do you have street cred?

The embarrassing decline of Joaquin Phoenix Towards the end of 2008 shocking reports surfaced that Joaquin Phoenix was switching careers.  Phoenix declared that his accomplished acting career was over, and immediately focused on pursuing a hip-hop music career.  Anyone who saw “Walk the Line” and his excellent portrayal of Johnny Cash might not have been too surprised […]

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