My Christmas Wish List

Before presenting to you my christmas list, I’d like to wish all my Corn Heads a very happy holidays and an awesome 2010.  COTJ has grown tremendously since it’s birth (July 2009), and whether you have been here since day 1, or you are stopping by for your first time today, I’m pumped you’re here.   […]

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20 Tips for 20 Somethings

This is a guest post from William Tincup.  William is a Virgo if you’re wondering, but more importantly he’s a Marketing Badass and co-founder of Starr Tincup.  I’ve underlined badass because the dude is just plain raw.  Starr Tincup aims to forcefully bring innovation into Human Capital Marketing, and if you haven’t been to their […]

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Blogging saved my life (or at least helped me get a job)

This post is part of the Guest Blog Grand Tour over at Life Without Pants – an epic two-month journey of over 50 guest posts. Want to learn more about Matt Cheuvront & see how far the rabbit hole goes? Subscribe to the Life Without Pants RSS feed & follow him on Twitter to keep […]

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A visit with

Wanted to let you Corn Heads know that a guest post of mine is featured today on Rehaul.  Lance Haun, creator of Rehaul, is consistently ranked a top HR blogger.  I was lucky enough to connect with Lance in the very earliest of my blogging days, and found that not only is Lance an amazing […]

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Where have I been?

I owe you an apology.  The last week or so has been a tad nutty banana party and I haven’t been able to post as much as I like to.  There has been a whole chicken kabob of wonderful things going on in my life, and I think I’ll use my post today to explain […]

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A visit with Blogging4Jobs

A couple weeks ago I was approached by Jessica Miller-Merrell to write up a guest post for her blog,  I urge you to check out all of the great stuff over there, but today I ask you to stop by and check out my featured post.   The post is titled “They’re Just Not That […]

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Personally Bland to Personal Brand

Confession.  I know jack balls about personal branding.   I could research some popular top authors on branding like Dan Schawbel or Jacob Share but I’m doing just fine, no offense fellers. You see, in a relatively short period of time, I’ve gone from being personally bland, to having myself an increasingly growing personal brand.  The […]

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Santa is ballin’

Grubbing on some beef stew last night for dinner, I reached over and grabbed the ‘Jobs’ section from the local paper.  Each week they cover an ‘out of the box job’.  In this weeks edition, the job in discussion is Santa Clause, and just how jolly the seasonal job can be.   Stuffing my face […]

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You have an 8% chance of living, now what?

A buddy of mine recently returned to the great state of Pennsylvania after a two year adventure in Los Angeles.  He moved out to Hollywood land to chase his music and acting dreams, but Dave came back to PA to save up some money and decide if/when he’ll go back.  Dave is the exact definition of […]

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The worst thing they could’ve said was, “Nein”

Why are people terrified of rejection?  The level of fear and intensity of rejection depends on the situation and specific desirable outcome.  For instance, asking someone out on a date creates a greater fear of rejection than calling the video store to check if “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is available for rental.  Silly comparison maybe, but […]

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