PhillyHires hosts 5 upcoming career fairs

Attendance is free and registration is not required, although if you do register on the website, than you’ll be given a glimpse of the company attendance list.  I strongly suggest registering, than make up your mind once you see which companies plan to be there. I’ve listed brief information on all five job fairs below, […]

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A video clip from Tommy Boy – How to quickly lose the sale, and your job!

Enjoy this classic scene from Tommy Boy! Thanks to Jen for suggesting COTJ use this scene!

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Are you unemployed? Here’s 20 ways to become FUNemployed

When I was part of a lay-off in March of this year, I officially became FUNemployed.  Now, I could have let post-traumatic lay-off stress set in, but instead I created a positive mind set for myself.  I call this state of mind FUNemployment, and I believe the world needs it now, more than ever. Losing […]

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What did you want to be when you grew up? Discussion – reply with your answer!

When I was a first grader, the teacher asked us to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up.  It was the very first time the question crossed my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loving mind.  Once coming to the realization that I couldn’t be a  Ninja Turtle, I knew that I would one […]

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Helpful link displaying niche job search websites by field/industry

When general job boards don’t work out, try finding one specific to your niche.  Check out the link below!

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Philadelphia Career Fair – New Job Hob Nob on August 12, 2009 and team up to create what they call the New Job Hob Nob.  What’s wonderful about this event is it brings a networking feel to the career fair.  Candidates and employers will casually meet, mingle, and match up.  Walking up to a recruiter or manager sitting behind a desk can be somewhat intimidating […]

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Poll Of The Week #2: How many hours do you spend preparing for an interview?

Thanks to those for voting in this weeks poll!  COTJ asked readers to share how many hours they spend preparing for an interview, here’s how it went: First Place:  64%  0-1 Second Place: 27%  1-2 Third Place: 9% 2+ Candidates should always spend at least one hour preparing for an interview.  In my opinion, preparation builds […]

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Don’t Flip Out Like Jerry Maguire (video clip)

When making your final exit, try to stay calm.  This will be the last time many of your co-workers see you, so try to smile and not ‘flip out’.  Maybe freaking the hell out works for someone like Jerry Maguire.  In the end he gains a few fish friends, helps bring his client the contract […]

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3 Reasons to Take an Unpaid Internship

While I believe internships should always be paid (unless the intern acts as a trainee for most of the time), it’s hard to deny the benefits of a well ran program.  Putting aside some legal aspects of paid/unpaid internships, here are 3 reasons why I believe every student should take one, even if it is […]

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What schools produce the highest paid graduates?

Found a very interesting article today that does a nice job in showing us which schools bring the most dough to new grads.  You’ll see a nice bar graph which compares both the Starting Median Salary as well as the Mid-Career Median Salary for each school on the list. It will come as no surprise for […]

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