Haven’t heard back? Can you apply again?

More than a few friends of mine have asked this question lately, so it appears like a  perfect topic for Corn on the Job.  I think today I’ll cut right to the answer, and give you some more thought after.  Yes, definitely send your application/resume to the company again, but please make sure you give […]

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Never interview like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers…

While certainly hilarious, this short clip from Step Brothers teaches us exactly how not to interview.  Below you’ll find the link to quite arguably the funniest scene in Step Brothers.  Watch as Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly tag team the interview, then come back for my take: What have we learned: The interview is […]

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How to respond to questions regarding being fired

Everything is going just peachy.  Not only have you answered every question with confidence, but your answers have shown you are more than qualified for the opening.  However, this confidence only grows in you once answering another question successfully.  Before each new question your leg shakes under the table in anticipation for the question that […]

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Why interviewing is like dating…

The obvious goal of dating and interviewing is to make match.  A match that meets the interests, and needs of both sides of the relationship.  Quickly, I’ll take a look at each step of the hiring process, and make an attempt to point out how its not unlike dating…to a certain extent.  Don’t take it […]

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Who’s hiring? Yahoo HotJobs provides Top 100 companies

While this certainly doesn’t represent a true top 100 list, it provides job seekers with a chance to view some companies and industries that are experiencing a noticeable increase in hiring.  Strongly suggest that this is bookmarked so you can view it every few weeks.  Find the list at  http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/HotJobs100 Before I go, here are […]

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How to survive a Behavioral Interview

The use of Behavioral Interviewing (BI) in company recruiting strategies is on the rise.  It’s use in the overall interview strategy varies.  While some organizations use the BI process for each skill set being tested, many organizations spread a few of these detail oriented, open-ended questions throughout the interview.  A well trained interviewer should know […]

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Resume length – does it matter?

The most frequently asked question about resumes that I receive is, “how long should it be?”  If you put in some time to research the topic, you’ll easily stumble on certain suggested guidelines on resume length.  For years everyone was told to keep their resumes to one page – no more!  Makes you shriek doesn’t […]

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New website just for Philly area job seekers is launched

Philadelphia area resident, James Oley has decided to make things easier for Philadelphia job seekers.  Oley came up with an idea for an easy to use, Philadelphia area ONLY job search engine.  With those ideas in mind, Oley launched www.phillyjobfest.com sometime early in July. Surely it will take some time for phillyjobfest to spread around the […]

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Questions YOU should ask at an interview

Smart applicants spend a great deal of time preparing and practicing for an upcoming interview, hoping to successfully predict the questions that will be asked.  However, many times candidates pass on preparing their own questions for the interviewer, which leaves them looking like a deer in headlights when the recruiter or hiring manager asks, “Do […]

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Need a Job? Here’s 4 Reasons You NEED Linkedin

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?  When it comes to your career, this saying is completely spot on.  Most people that I’ve met over the years will happily go out of their way to refer, or promote an individual that they think has done a job […]

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