Looks like I’m dancing on YouTube. It’s all #JobHuntChat’s fault!

by Rich DeMatteo on November 9, 2010 · 8 comments

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When I told the #JobHuntChat community that I’d dance on YouTube if we reached 300 participants in a single chat, I didn’t think it would happen just two weeks after making that statement.  I mean, I knew it would happen.  I knew how amazing the #JobHuntChat community is.  They are second to none, and connect quicker than a one player game of connect four, but this happened just way too fast!

My ridiculous claim was tweeted roughly two weeks ago.  The first chat after those tweets had 180 participants.  Then the week after, #JobHuntChat saw 200 folks join in.  Then this passed Monday night, #JobHuntChat had 305 chatters, and I was swallowing my words like daggers.


Well, I’m a man of my words, and #JobHuntChat deserves this.  The community is like no other that I’ve seen on Twitter.  Chat members stick around after #JobHuntChat ends for what seems like an hour.  Some community members hop on the phone when the online chat ends, so that they can continue to connect and learn from each other.  It’s amazing to see, and well, if my making a fool of myself on YouTube is what they want, then that is what they get.

The below video is not me dancing.  For that video you’ll need to wait until this coming Sunday night (11/14).  It will premier at 10PM eastern, and it will be the death of me.  The below video is my “thanks” to #JobHuntChat and my explanation of what’s to come!

#JobHuntChat Reaches 300 People so @CornOnTheJob Must Dance from Rich DeMatteo on Vimeo.

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