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by Rich DeMatteo on April 28, 2011 · 3 comments

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The original plan was to create a quick video blog for today, but after a few quick takes and an odd error, I decided I’d just write out this blog update for everyone!

Things have been pretty crazy over the last few weeks and I want to apologize for a reduced number of blog posts.  That is changing very quickly, and I’ll be back whipping out the content like usual.  Tons of amazing things are happening, but today I’ll share just one of my updates.

A few months ago, a very regular participant of #JobHuntChat, Maggie Mistal, asked me to come onto her Sirius/XM radio show to talk about the chat and how to get a job on Twitter.  Obviously, I was jacked and so was Jessica.  We were really looking forward to both going into the studio in NYC, but unfortunately, Jessica couldn’t make it, so she called in and was fantastic.   Ou big day on global radio was last Friday and it was just a phenomenal experience.

Down below you can see some pictures of my trip into the SiriusXM studios, but here’s a bit more about what happened during the show:

Jessica and I talked to Maggie about how job seekers can use Twitter and #JobHuntChat to actually get a job.  We covered topics like branding for job seekers, creating Twitter names that will attract employers, and how to engage with company recruiters and HR folks the right way.  Jessica was great at explaining what #JobHuntChat is and how others have been successful in using the tool.

We also received a call in from Tracy Brisson, who spoke about how #JobHuntChat helped her hire a Marketing Specialist for her company.   We were really excited to hear that story, and can’t thank Tracy enough for calling in to share.

If you haven’t already, check out the #JobHuntChat blog, and join us on Mondays from 10-11PM EST on Twitter.  Just let me know if you have any questions!

As promised, here are some pictures of my trip!

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Wow, congrats. That's a great opportunity. Is there a link or anything to the segment?

Tracy Brisson
Tracy Brisson

I was honored to call in. You did a fantastic job!