The Hip-Hop Job Search Quote Contest (facebook exclusive)

by Rich DeMatteo on November 7, 2010 · 1 comment

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It’s no secret that my musical taste has been swayed onto team Hip-Hop over the last few years. I guess at some point, current rock dropped me off at the park, and somehow forgot to pick me up. When I needed a ride back, Jay-Z was there to show me the way home, and rap won over my heart.

After this transformation took place, I focused in on the clever and inspirational lyrics in rap songs.  I began realizing that not all rap is about drugs, murder, 20 inch rims, and objectifying woman.  OK, time to stop blabbing and announce the damn thing…

The Hip-Hop Quote Contest (a Facebook exclusive)

There are millions of inspirational quotes in rap songs, many of them relating directly to the job search or careers.  It’s now your job to find them, and post these quotes on the Corn On The Job Facebook wall! Oh, and the cash prize amount is infinite!  More details on that below.

Step 1 – Join the Corn on The Job Facebook Page – CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE!!!

Each Facebook page member is allowed 2 submissions, and the point scale works like this:

  • Inspirational Hip-Hop Quote – 1 Points
  • Job Search or Career Hip-Hop Quote – 3 Points

Step 2 – Submit your quote to the Corn on the Job Facebook Page wall.  The quote should be at least two lines of a song.  This part is flexible, just make sure it’s not only a few words that you use or I’ll reject it.  State the artist and song that the quote comes from.  Explain the quote to ensure that you receive credit.  However many points you have is how many pieces of paper will have your name in my hat!  Simple, right?  But, wait, there’s more!

Step 3 – Gain 10 additional points by Tweeting about the contest (5 total times) and posting the contest to your Facebook status (5 total times).  You just need to tag me in your tweet or status so you can get credit.  Each Tweet or Facebook shout out is worth 1 extra point.  Here are samples:

Sample Tweet:

  • Check out the Hip-Hop Job Search Quote Contest on the @CornOnTheJob Facebook page.  Big CASH PRIZE! Details here –>

Sample Facebook Status:

  • Check out @Richie DeMatteo’s Job Search Quote Contest on the @Corn On The Job Facebook page.  Big Cash Prize! Details here –>

***Note: With Facebook, to tag me, we must be friends on FB.  To add me as a friend, click here to go to my profile!

Cash Prize

The cash prize amount for this contest is endless.  Starting at $25, I will continue to add $25 more with every 50 new members we get.  Let’s take this for example:

  • 1076Facebook members = $25
  • 1126 Facebook members = $50
  • 1176 Facebook members = $75
  • 1226 Facebook members  = $100

When the contest ends, I’ll pick a name out of the hat to see who wins the prize!

Contest Start/End Date

Start – November 8th @ 9AM Eastern Time

End – November 22nd @ 10PM Eastern Time

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Great idea for a contest. Check out for a ton of lyrics that I think you will find quite appropriate. For a bit more inspiration, check out this presentation on slideshare:, Hip-Hop Wisdom: 10 Life Lessons from Your Favorite Rappers. Best of luck!