10 Ways to Use Facebook To Get a Job

by Rich DeMatteo on October 24, 2011 · 1 comment

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The average person spends somewhere around 15 hours per month on Facebook.  But admit it, you know your monthly usage of ‘the book’ is for much longer than that stat announces.  So, while there, you might as well spend some of that time job searching…

Here are 15 ways to use Facebook to get a job:

1.  “Like” Your Dream Companies

Your favorite companies are on Facebook and you probably already “like” them.  Become part of the community and engage.  Respond to comments and questions and try to get in their head.  When a position is open at the company that you want to apply to, write a wall comment on their page and ask who you should email if you have a question.  Once you have the email, tell the person that you’re interested in the position, and what’s the best way to apply.  That person will want you to get the job, it helps prove social media success as a talent source.

2. Connect With Recruiters

Recruiters are using Facebook just as much, if not more than you are.  They are constantly looking for a way to use Facebook as a talent source.  Find recruiters that live in your area and add them as “friends”.  Add a personalized message with your request to explain why you’re adding them.  You’ll be surprised how many will accept your request.  

3. Create a Business Page For Your Search

The cool thing about FB business pages is that they are searchable on Google.  You can create a “hire me” campaign through a business page.  If you do it right, it will help you gain targeted exposure to your dream/target companies.  I had wrote a blog post about a Philadelphia area man who wanted to work for Krispy Kreme so bad, that he utilized Facebook for part of his campaign.

4. Post Strategic Job Search Status Updates

Be careful not to spam your audience, but feel free to toss in 2 or 3 job search related status updates per week.  Updates can be direct links to your online resume or Linkedin, or even just a simple “I’m looking for a job” update.  If you already have a job, I suggest avoiding this method.

5. Use Facebook Job Search Apps

More and more apps are being developed for networking and the job search.  Three big apps are BeKnown, BranchOut, and InCircle.  I found this blog post from Balanced Workplace that explains how these apps work.

6. Research Where Your “Friends” Work

Remember, Facebook is a social networking tool.  Use it to keep up with “friends” that you haven’t seen in years.  Keep a record of contacts who have build up a solid career and professional network.  Keep up with them and ask if their company is hiring.  They’ll appreciate the referral bonus if you get hired at their company.

7.  Use A Targeted Ad

My friend Marian is a level 1 Bad Ass.  I mean, if there were levels of Bad Ass, she’d be Level 1.  Anyway, she had created an ad on Facebook to bring notice to herself and her job search.  She targeted a number of companies, and received emails back from all of them stating they liked her idea or they wanted to send her resume on to HR.  Here is more info about Marian’s campaign.

8. Use the New Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook is currently delaying their new “Timeline”, which will also feature a Cover Photo that stretches across the top of our profile page.  The Cover Photo presents an interesting opportunity to job seekers.  I wrote about this in more detail here, but you can also check out some cool examples of Cover Photo’s here.

9. Use Privacy Settings

Facebook can kill you just as much as save you.  Make sure that if you’re going to be tossing loads of profanity, questionable pictures, or anything else that you wouldn’t want an employer to see, that you set those privacy settings to strict.  If you have wild friends, you might want to deactivate your “wall” until you land that new job.  Set the privacy settings to “friends of friends” or to just “friends”.

10. All Of The Above

Use as many of the above items as possible.  If it’s available to you, then why not?  Besides, what’s a few more hours per month on Facebook?

What are some other Facebook Job Search Techniques?

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Excellent post. I will be going through many of these issues as well..

sarkari naukri
sarkari naukri

when its about jobs search twitter is more helpful than Facebook.


Great tips, I will started exploring #5. And KUDOS to Marian! What a fantastic idea. Level 1, indeed! ;-)


Thank you for writing this! As someone is searching for a job, I've been trying to use any resources I can, including signing up for BranchOut on Facebook as soon as I heard about it on the local news. If you were going to use an app on Facebook, is there a specific one you would recommend above any others for effectiveness?


No doubt, Facebook can be effectively used for boosting the job search process. Jobseekers who aren't using this social media platform yet are missing a huge opportunity of networking. Fantastic tips for using Facebook to search for jobs!

Bryce Christiansen
Bryce Christiansen

Hi Rich, Thanks for referencing our blog's article on the Facebook Apps for Job Seekers. You hit some excellent points that I'm glad I read. I liked the example of someone making a personal ad to find a connection to her dream job. That's brilliant and would be really effective with the targeting Facebook Ads have. Thanks again, Bryce