5 Steps to Make Lasting Connections With Recruiters on Twitter

by Rich DeMatteo on January 27, 2012 · 22 comments

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When it comes to making connections with recruiters through social media channels, the line between annoying and impressing is very thin.  Today I want to look at Twitter specifically, and provide a few steps for you to not only reach recruiters, but also get on their radar.  Here are the 5 steps:

Step 1: Find Recruiters to Follow

Half the battle is finding a recruiter that is specific to your interests and location.  While some recruiters need applicants on a global level, many only search for talent in a specific geographic location.

Here are some quick tips for finding recruiters to follow:

  • Use Twitter Search and type in the word “Recruiter” and your city.  Example: “Recruiter Philadelphia”.
  • Use FollowerWonk.com and click on “Search Twitter Bios”.  Enter the same search string in the example above.
  • Search hashtags for things like #PhillyJobs, #ChicagoJobs, #ITJobs, #BostonRecruiter, and #JobHuntChat.  Play around with this until you find the right formula.
  • Recruiters love to follow each other, so go through their following list and you’ll absolutely find more Recruiters and HR professionals.
Oh, and don’t forget to click the follow button!

Step 2: RT and Share Their Content

After following, avoid asking for help immediately.  I can guarantee that if you do this right away, they’ll be annoyed.  However, if they do have a current opening that you’re a fit for, then you might want to send a tweet about it.

In most cases, you’ll want to RT and share out their content to your own networks.  Start out first by RT’ing a few times a week, and then possibly once per day.  You’ll receive a few “thank you” messages back, and possibly even a question about who you are and what you do.  Congratulations, you’re on their radar!

Step 3: RT and Share Their Open Jobs

Even if you’re not a fit for their openings, be sure to spread the word and help them fill open jobs they’ve posted online.  This can go a long way and is similar to the strategy in number two.  Simply put, if you’re able to help them, they will happily return the favor without you needing to ask.

Step 4: Find them on Linkedin and Connect

It’s perfectly acceptable to find a recruiter on Linkedin and add them to your connections.  You can either go right ahead and leave them a connection request on Linkedin, or send a tweet to ask if it would be OK.  Either is fine in my honest opinion.

Critical Tip: When you connect on Linkedin, make sure to write out a message and delete the standard Linkedin connection text.  Remind them that you’re from Twitter and provide your Twitter name.  Quick example:

John, it has been great connecting on Twitter and learning from your tweets.  Wanted to network here as well!

– Rich aka @CornOnTheJob

Step 5: Wait For the Perfect Job

Maybe it doesn’t happen day 1, day 10, or day 50, but eventually they’ll post a job through Twitter and/or Linkedin that is perfect for you.  If you’ve done a great job of getting on their radar, sharing their information, and helping them with openings, then you might even be the first person they think of.

Just send them a Tweet or Linkedin message to confirm interest and then hang tight while waiting for their response!


Please keep in mind that making just one connection with a recruiter through these steps may not be enough.  Increase your odds and look to make 5-10 new recruiter friends on Twitter per month.  The power in numbers will only help, just make sure they are targeted and the kind of recruiters that you need to be in touch with.

Go get ‘em!

Oh, and make sure you follow me, I’ll help out when I can!

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