Announcing #MegaJobHuntChat (lineup and question schedule included)

by Rich DeMatteo on December 2, 2010 · 5 comments

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Almost 10 months ago, Jessica Miller-Merell and I began Co-Moderating #JobHuntChat.  The lively community of Job Seekers, Resume Writers, Recruiters, HR Pro’s, and Career Coach’s make it easy for Jessica (@blogging4jobs) and I  to put on the party each Monday night.  Simply put, without the community, #JobHuntChat would be nothing.

What is #MegaJobHuntChat?

While #JobHuntChat has reached historic numbers recently (300 chat participants and 2,000 Tweets), Jessica and I felt there could be a new way to bring the job search community together on Twitter.  We met up in Philadelphia a few weeks ago to strategize #JobHuntChat, and the result of our meeting was #MegaJobHuntChat.

#MegaJobHuntChat is what it sounds like – A Career Chat on Steroids.  It’s planned to be a quarterly event on Twitter, with the first event scheduled  to be 8-10PM Eastern Time on Monday 12/6 (this coming Monday).

There will be 6 Career Chats participating in the event, each given 20 minutes to discuss 2 questions.  That’s a total of 12 questions over 2 hours!

Chat Lineup & Question Schedule

OK, so as I mentioned, there will be 6 chats, each with 20 minutes to discuss 2 questions.  Here are those chat’s and the questions they’ve selected!

*All times are Eastern Time
* Check below the schedule for more information on each chat

8:00 – 8:10 – #JobHuntChat
Q1 – Introduction Question

8:10 – 8:30 – #CareerChat
Q2 – What is the most difficult part of networking? #CareerChat #MegaJobHuntChat
Q3- How do you maximize your opportunity at a holiday party? #CareerChat #MegaJobHuntChat

8:30 – 8:50 – #u30pro
Q4 – Generational Job Search TBD
Q5 – Generational Job Search TBD

8:50 – 9:10 – #InternChat
Q6 – When shld I stop accepting internships & only look 4 entrylevel jobs? (how many internships R 2 many?) #InternChat #MegaJobHuntChat
Q7 – What’s better: a relevant unpaid internship or an unrelated paid position? #InternChat #MegaJobHuntChat

9:10 – 9:30 – #HFChat
Q8 – Are you meeting your social meeting contacts in real life (IRL)?  Why or why not? #HFChat #MegaJobHuntChat
Q9 – How are you leveraging those contacts to move your search forward? #HFChat #MegaJobHuntChat

9:30 – 9:50 – #GenYChat
Q10 – How should a job seeker divide their time between online networking and responding to ads? #GenYChat #MegaJobHuntChat
Q11 – Which job would you take? The one that’s a good fit or the one that offers more money? #GenYChat #MegaJobHuntChat

9:50 – 10:00 – #JobHuntChat
Q12 – Share a horror story or weird/funny thing that has happened on interviews to you! #JobHuntChat #MegaJobHuntChat

Here is more on each of the chat’s (thanks to Jessica for writing this up)

  • #CareerChat.  @MyPath_MP and @Bizmebizgal host and moderator the popular hour long Career Chat on Tuesday at 12 PM EST.
  • #u30pro.  Described as a chat for ALL ages and professionals that focuses issues surrounding professionals under 30. Check them out Thurs. 8 pm EST.  Hosted by @DavidSpinks@cubanalaf and @sjhalestorm.
  • #InternChat.  @heatherhuhman@internqueen, and the Come Recommended community will be joining us.  Their chat is Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM EST.
  • #HFChat.  Margo@avidcareerist@tombolt, and the Hire Friday community are know for their Hire Friday Chat and networking community.  HF Chat takes place Fridays from 12-1 PM.
  • #GenYChat.  Moderated by @WriterChanelle and @rblake, this hour long chat is facilitated on Wednesdays at 9 PM EST

#JobHuntChat will host, and then give each chat 20 minutes to moderate their 2 questions.  We are so excited for this event, and are looking forward to seeing everyone come out for the largest Job Search related event to come to Twitter, #MegaJobHuntChat!

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Steve Levy
Steve Levy

Next dance will be one where Rich is draped in corn stalks...

Donna Svei aka AvidCareerist
Donna Svei aka AvidCareerist

Thanks to you, Rich, and Jessica for cooking this up. It's going to be quite the speed job search learning event! Here's the easy scoop on how to participate in a Twitter chat: If you've never participated in a chat before, don't hesitate to stop by #HFChat on Friday at noon US ET to get your feet wet. Cheers, Donna Svei aka AvidCareerist Co-Moderator #HFChat

Becky B
Becky B

Not much longer now until we get to tell Twitter where it's at when it comes to the job search and your career! Becky @MyPath_MP