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by Rich DeMatteo on February 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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Last night on #JobHuntChat’s one-year anniversary, Jessica and I announced the launch of!  When we began #JobHuntChat a year ago, it completely changed the game for job seekers — in a good way!  With #JobHuntChat, seekers could now talk to hundreds of career professionals at one time, gaining many valuable opinions, instead of just reaching out to one career specialist at a time.  The #JobHuntChat community grew to incredible numbers over the last year, reaching 300+ participants and over 2,500 tweets in a single session.  After #JobHuntChat was born, other job search and career chats began springing up all over.  #JobHuntChat was a game changer.

With, Jessica and I are changing the game agin.  We realized that for the community to be successful, a 24/7 hang out spot needed to be created.  A place where they could not only go to network and connect, but also grab important information exactly when they need it.  While has been launched, we really are only at the beginning of the road.  We have plenty of cool features, pages, and ideas that will be implemented on this year.

Here are a few ways you can get in on the action:

Last Night’s iPod Shuffle Winner

To celebrate our one-year anniversary and the launch of, we gave away an iPod Shuffle to one lucky participant.  We used a random number generator ( to select the participant.  When Jessica pressed the magic button, the number that appeared was 19!

Congratulations to Tim Gardner (timjgardner) who was lucky number 19.

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