Girl Sings to Jon Stewart to (hopefully) Become Next Daily Show Correspondent

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by Rich DeMatteo on August 29, 2012 · 5 comments

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We’re no strangers to #HireMe campaigns here on Corn on the Job.  We’ve talked about campaigns for folks wanting to work at Chipotle, Krispy Kreme, hockey & sports sales, and even someone who just wanted to get a job in New York City.

Today we’re sharing a video resume from Jannesse Davidson.  She’s hoping that her song to Jon Stewart will land her an interview and eventually, a job as the next Daily Show Correspondant. Take a look at her video and stop back for my comments below.


Let it be known, I am not the most political person that this world has to offer, but the song kept my interest and I was inclined to stay until the very end.  A song is difficult to pull off and takes a bit of courage.  While it’s much more entertaining, you can also lose the audience quickly if the singer’s voice is lame or if the words used are corny/come off as trying too hard.

Will this be enough to gain attention from Jon Stewart?  

Well, all we know so far is that a video has been created.  What we don’t know is, (and I will be following up with Jannesse) how is this video being sent?  Is she using social media to distribute the video and make sure the YouTube page is seen?  Is a link being sent in an email?  These are all of the questions that candidate’s must ask themselves when employing a #HireMe campaign.

It’s not always enough to just be creative and develop the content.  The #HireMe campaign must include tactics for reaching the target audience as well, which can take some extra time to do right, before it becomes a viral success.

What do you think?  Will she get an interview?  Will she be hired?  What else would you like to see her accomplish with her #HireMe campaign?

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Whether or not she gets hired her creativity is hard to deny. Maybe in hard competition and a tough job market singing on youtube to your potential employer is what it takes to stand out. This creative effort definitely sparks my interest in this #HireMe campaign, I'm sure other people have pulled much more ridiculous stunts to get noticed.


That was cute.  I'd hire her ... or at the very least interview her.

John Treck
John Treck

Judging from the 497 views she has gotten so far on her youtube video (in 5-6 days) we can see it hasn't gone viral. So the chance of Jon Stewart seeing it is not great.

Although maybe she has a method do specifically target him and hasn't got the need for it to go viral :)

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