How to Use the New Facebook Profile to Get Hired

by Rich DeMatteo on December 19, 2010 · 33 comments

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Facebook has once again evolved and updated the way we share our lives with the world.  The most noticeable change sees Facebook taking the last five tagged pictures of you, and placing them near the top of your profile page  I’m sure that mostly everyone reading this post is well aware of this already, but here’s an example:

Not everyone loves this added feature, as not all tagged pictures are flattering.  I suggest double checking those privacy settings to make sure private pictures still remain private…especially with this new feature.

Using the New Facebook to Advertise Your Job Search

For job seekers, this new feature creates a pretty cool opportunity to advertise their job search and let all of their “friends” know exactly what they are looking for!  To get an idea of how this might work, check out what I’ve created for my own profile page:

When my Facebook connections took notice of the above image I created, the messages began flowing in almost instantly.  A few people wanted to know what Corn on the Job is,  some wanted to know how I did it, and others just popped me a message to say it was “cool”.

The image on top of my Facebook profile creates a buzz around my blog and it does this for free.  I smell a success sandwich.

Are your wheels spinning?  Do you see how job seekers can use this feature to advertise?  Let’s pretend I’m looking for a Public Relations Specialist position in Philly.  The image created could say, “Philly PR Specialist 4 Hire”. The key is to be as creative as possible, and make your banner image stand out.

Speaking of standing out, the more graphically inclined folks can probably create much cooler images than what I used.   Plain black and white kind of works for me, and is actually somewhat classy, but you may be skilled enough to create something so visually strong that a company can’t help but contact you!

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What are your thoughts on using his new feature to advertise your job search?  Have you seen anyone else on Facebook do something creative with their image bar up top?

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