Part 1: #JobHuntChat Tackles Linked in

by Rich DeMatteo on October 5, 2010 · 8 comments

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Today we have a bit of a special post here on COTJ.  Jessica and I are teaming up to release a recap of this weeks #JobHuntChat.  You’ll find Part 1 below, and then later this week Jessica will release part 2.  This weeks theme was all about Linked in and was one of our best chats in recent memory!
Before I start the recap, let me just say that I can not believe #JobHuntChat is already 8 months old.  Holy banana sandwich.  Thanks to everyone that has participated.  You are what drive the success of #JobHuntChat, and you are why it is consistently the best job search chat on Twitter.  Thank you, and stay tuned for some cool things!

Q1: What’s the difference between the job seeker premium account and the normal accounts?

@Austin_Curtis – Q1 Resume reviews and advice from “professionals” ugh
@BillBoorman – @CornOnTheJob The premium account gives you more in-mails, wider searches and features you in searches#jobhuntchat

@mngopherboy – Q1–$$$$ #jobhuntchat
@MyJobScope – Q1 The premium #Lin accounts allow you to inmail people you are not directly connected to #jobhuntchat

@joannawolfe – #jobhuntchat Q1: nifty briefcase badge & job hunting features – not sure it is worth it IMHO, but you can write it off on your taxes.

@BillBoorman – In mail is a direct mail to somone your not connected with. you get 10 a month with a premium acct (88% open rate) #jobhuntchat
@MyJobScope -Q1 worth it? depends on how much you use it. I would build ur network 1st with people you know, then decide#jobhuntchat
@Keppie_Careers – LinkedIn says that a premium/paid account exposes users to more recruiters/searches. My clients have not seen much impact. #jobhuntchat
@Alliebrwneyez – Q1: I agree it isn’t worth the $. There is a lot you can do without the job seeker premium account. #jobhuntchat
@BillBoorman – @CornOnTheJob Its worth the $s if it is the main channel for your search. #jobhuntchat
@KyleMcShane – I think the free #LinkedIn service is pretty awesome. May not be worth it to upgrade though from the opinions in#jobhuntchat
@joannawolfe – Q1 according to there R added features. However, it sez you can have the jobhunter badge w/ prem acct #jobhuntchat
@DanKlamm– Q1: Instead of going premium – join groups. You can message (almost) anyone with whom you share a group affiliation. #jobhuntchat
@SunnyinSyracuse – It sounds like the Premium LinkedIn account is more worthwhile for employers and recruiters than job seekers.#jobhuntchat
@ycdwyl– Badge shows youre serious but in the same way adv edu (post BA) doesnt always put u ahead of game. Shouldnt be the breaking pt. #jobhuntchat
@mngopherboy – Q1-groups are a much better way to go than upgrading your account in my opinion. #jobhuntchat

Q2: What are some custom touches I can add to my LinkedIn profile for added impact?

@Jfavreau Q2 Linking your blog, adding a slide share of any presentations you have done. #jobhuntchat
@Alliebrwneyez Q2: Events, files, and reading list are great ones.#jobhuntchat
@Infoployment tBe SURE that your contact info is easy to find on LinkedIn#jobhuntchat
@MyJobScope Q2 Use the box application to upload resume, presentations, etc. Link to Twitter & blog, #jobhuntchat
@BillBoorman Q2: change the order of your profile. you can drag and drop in edit. contacts at the top #jobhuntchat
@mngopherboy Q2–including your resume, customizing your links, including presents that you have done…the list is endles, use imagination #jobhuntchat
@Keppie_Careers Q2 Add keywords to as many parts of your LinkedIn profile as possible – in titles, descriptions, all sections.#jobhuntchat
@Erica_VanBoxel Q2: I am working collecting and giving out recommendations, I find they add a personal touch to profiles #jobhuntchat
@DanKlamm tQ2: Make sure you have a variety of high quality-recommendations from people who are enthusiastic about your work. #jobhuntchat
@Infoployment You can add a LinkedIn tab to your Facebook profile.#jobhuntchat
@BillBoorman Q2: Profesional headline absolutely key. keyword rich. Stating you are looking. comes up in all your updates#jobhuntchat
@kbaumann Q2. If you have a blog, add it to your profile! Same goes for your Twitter feed (just don’t share it ALL on LI – be selective). #jobhuntchat
@VeronicaLudwig 2: Update status message w/prof projects you’re working/volunteering on. Shows you’re dedicated & working while unemployed. #jobhuntchat
@AnneMessenger Q@: Love the apps, like Tripit, books read, blog posts, etc. They round out the person. #jobhuntchat
@robinschooling Q2: I like the slide share and yes, the reading list. Not so crazy about Tripit. #jobhuntchat
@MaggieMistal Q2: Answering questions also makes you standout on LinkedIn #jobhuntchat
@CornOnTheJob Q2: I’m a fan of a good headline (this question is coming later) Also, a great summary! #jobhuntchat
@BillBoormanAdd video in the slideshare or google docs application#jobhuntchat
@melindajaneQ2: On my personal #LinkedIn account I added the Slideshare presentations widget, groups I’m a part of, and Blog Link! #jobhuntchat
@MyJobScopeQ2 use your summary area to promote your current role, contributions. Get recommendations #jobhuntchat
@kbaumannQ2. If you’re a job seeker, make that clear in your headline. Customize, customize, customize! #jobhuntchat
@Austin_Curtisin my opinion recommendations are the most crucial aspect of LinkedIn’s success #jobhuntchat
@blogging4jobsQ2–I’m going to add my professional bio to my #li profile with #jobhuntchat
@joannawolfeQ2 Edit the Public Profile URL to make it more memorable – get rid of extraneous machine code – alphanumeric info #jobhuntchat
@KellyLuxQ2 Add a reading list to your LinkedIn profile & share your review/opinion of current book you’ve read on topics in your field #jobhuntchat
@KyleMcShaneQ2: I think a compelling personal statement or “summary” that shows passion and dedication can go a long way#jobhuntchat

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Lisa @MyJobScope
Lisa @MyJobScope

Rich, The chats are always great fun, but this was an especially terrific one. It is so important for jobseekers at every stage of their career to have a rich, updated LinkedIn page. This past Monday, Oct 4th, LinkedIn launched a nationwide tour of 60 colleges to encourage college grads to create LinkedIn profile. Look for lots of LinkedIn jobs geared toward new grads. They've launched a new tool called "career path" too. Look forward to the next chat! Lisa

Marian Schembari
Marian Schembari

I'm so fucking sad I missed this!! LinkedIn is my all time favorite networking tool - I get lots of clients by just being active on the site. Wish I could have participated in your awesome chat. Is it totally lame if I link to a video I made? Cuz I think it might be useful... you have to sign up tho. Just delete if this is too spammy for you, dear Richie!

Bridget Forney
Bridget Forney

Q3: What's an acceptable number of people to connect to on LinkedIn in one sitting? 137.