Personal Branding, Twitter, and #LateNightCorn

by Rich DeMatteo on May 19, 2010 · 11 comments

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I don’t write about personal brand here on COTJ too often, mainly because I believe building a brand is simply about being yourself. If building your brand isn’t fun, then my guess is it’s because you’re faking who you are. Shame on you.

Know what you stand for, both on the business side and the personal side. Once that’s ironed out (should be easy), look for ways to build on both sides. Today I’ll mainly focus on my personal side, and how I’ve used it in a creative, and in what I think is a funny way to build my brand.

My business side is pretty simple, right? We’ve got this blog here, #JobHuntChat, guest posts, a couple other websites I’m working on, and then a few other items. I enjoy working on all of these. Done!

My personal side may be harder to figure out, because not all of my personal hobbies and interests can be reflected through my brand. You see, I really enjoy hockey. Not only do I coach, but I’m nutty over the Philadelphia Flyers. That’s not something I can always tie into COTJ. Oh, and I’m a gym rat. Again, not sure my love for NO Xplode and Zero Impact Bars will appear on COTJ often.

So, what about my personal side can I use?  Well, maybe I’m a little weird, and I have my quirky side.  I enjoy engaging with people on Twitter.  I love making people laugh, and in trying to do so, I’m usually the first one laughing.  These listed items led to last nights first edition of #LateNightCorn, and it was magical.


It’s amazing what can be found when searching a random word on Twitter.  Now, let’s just say that word is “corn”.  Think of the possibilities.  Is your head filling up with ideas?  Well, last night I DID run this “corn” search, and I sure did find some incredibly ridiculous tweets from folks.  I RT’d a bunch, and put my “corny” twist on each.  Here are some of my favorites from last night.

I’m not sure how long it lasted, but there were many more tweets like these sent out last night.  When it was all said and done, I had created a nice little following of people who were up late, and laughing with me on Twitter.  Oh, I also somehow gained around 10  new followers after this insanity.  I was simply having fun, and I really didn’t care what people thought.  People like that.

How does this help my brand?

I just happen to have a job search blog that is branded with corn.  People call me Mr. Corn, Corns, Corn, and even King Corn.  I’ve heard them all, and people enjoy making that association with me.  It keeps people smiling, and it gives me something that they can hold on to and identify with my name and my blog.

My blog isn’t an intense serious job search blog, you know that by now.  In fact, I like COTJ to be a bit more on the fun & games side, and last nights #LateNightCorn was definitely fun & games.  This won’t work for everyone, but it surely works for me.  It’s who I am, and I KNOW that people enjoy that about me and this blog.

If you enjoyed the above #LateNightCorn tweets, check out the rest @CornOnTheJob (check tweets from 12:12 AM on 5/19).

Which Tweets above were your favorite?


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