Quick Tip: Use the LinkedIn Headline to Announce Your Job Search

by Rich DeMatteo on September 29, 2010 · 22 comments

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Often times, it’s the little things that pay dividends.  This is 100% true in the job search.

Now, while I 100% agree and believe in the quick tip below, I can’t give myself full credit for coming up with it.  It’s actually something that I always remembered Bill Boorman talking about in #JobHuntChat, so please, thank Bill for his brain.

Ask and you shall receive

Basically, what Bill always preached is simple.  If you don’t state clearly what you’re looking for, how will an employer ever know?  Shout out what you are looking for on your social media profiles, and they’ll take notice.  You see, an employer might find your background, tweets, or your use of facebook interesting, but might not think you’re looking for work.  If they think calling you is a waste of time, then they probably won’t call you.  But if they think you are looking for work, chances are you’ll be receiving a call.

Definitely do this on LinkedIn and Twitter, and possibly even on Facebook too.

Using LinkedIn headlines to announce your job search

For years, my headline on LinkedIn has read, “Recruiting and HR Professional”.  While entirely accurate, it’s both boring and useless to my job search.  I’m not alone, many job seekers are utilizing  a similar headline for their profile.  Visiting employers may believe we are happily employed when reading our headline, and won’t bother reaching out.

Now, if employed but job searching, you obviously can’t always shout it out publicly that you’re looking.  That part makes sense, and in that case, a standard headline is fine.  But if you’re unemployed, or your employer knows your situation, then create a headline that clearly states what you are looking for.

My NEW LinkedIn Headline

That headline just took sexy back.  Seriously, that headline screams sexy, and it brings clarity to my job search.  Let’s talk about the results I’ve got.

I changed my headline to, “Looking for a Social Media Recruiting Position” just two days ago, and have already received 3 inquiries from employers.  You can’t argue with those results.  It works  It’s simple  It’s sexy.

Make sure that if you do change your headline to something like mine that it won’t get you in trouble with a current employer (if you have one).  And if you’re wondering, yes, my employer knows I’m looking.

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