Social Media: Welcome to the Revolution

by Rich DeMatteo on September 7, 2009 · 2 comments

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Friends, I have a bone to pick.  Unfortunately, the people that need to hear me out might never read this blog post, or view the video I’ve embedded below.  As you’ll see in the video, 96% of Generation Y has joined a social network.  My beef is with the remaining 4%.  Some of my close friends have decided Social Media is not for them, was never for them, and never will be.  Well, I’m sorry friends but you’re going about it all wrong.  Social Media is not for you, it’s for us, for Generation Y.  Social Media, in short is a way for all of us to stay connected, an information channel that brings news and communication to us quickly, and will also prove to be a way that we can leave our mark on the world.  Why would you not want to be a part of that?  What is wrong with you?  I really should be more cruel with my words, you’ll never read this anyway.

I’m growing frustrated as I write this, or maybe I’m just getting hungry.  I’ll go eat a turkey sandwich while you watch the video below.  Please pass this on to any Generation Y friends that are avoiding joining us.  Tell them, “Corn on the Job says to get over yourself”.  Thanks.

Also, I should point out that if you like the video, you should visit

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