11 Careers for Die-Hard Perfectionists

by Rich DeMatteo on January 16, 2015 · 1 comment

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Do you strive for perfection in everything you do? Perfectionism may drive your friends and family crazy, but this trait can work to your advantage in certain careers. When a job requires meticulous work, you call in a perfectionist. Here are 11 careers for all of you die-hard perfectionists out there.

1. Director

From stage shows to movies and television, directors are responsible for making sure that a production runs smoothly. Choosing scripts, hiring talent and overseeing the work of the crew and cast are just a few of the many tasks directors take on.

2. Airline Pilot

If you’re a perfectionist who loves flying, an airline pilot may just be the perfect career for you. Pilots are responsible for the lives of hundreds of passengers, so they need to be accurate and exact every time they fly. Plus, this is a career that will feed your need to stay organized. How? Pilots create pre-flight checklists to make sure that the aircraft is suitable for take-off.

3. Accountant

Accounting and perfectionism are a match made in heaven. As an accountant, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your clients are adhering to the law. You’ll also prepare financial documentation and tax returns.

4. Court Reporter

Court reporters are in charge of documenting every word that’s spoken in a court room.From hearings to legislative meetings and trial, court reporters need to be accurate and exact in their work.

5. Editor

If you have a creative side, a career as aneditor would suit your perfectionist personality. You’ll be in charge of ensuring that writing is grammatically correct and suitable for the publication’s audience. Editors are meticulous and scrutinize every word on a page.

6. Surgeons

Surgeryrequires a steady and meticulous hand. Surgeons must be incredibly precise when performing procedures to ensure that the patient isn’t harmed during the operation. With such high stakes, it’s really no surprise that most surgeons are perfectionists.

7. Pharmacist

When it comes to medication, ensuring that a patient receives the correct dosage is of the utmost importance. Pharmacists need to be extremely accurate when they dispense medication, which makes this the perfect job for a perfectionist.

8. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are in charge of creating software applicationsand developing websites. When writing code, programmers need to be precise and accurate to ensure that the application does what the programmer intends it to do.

9. Surveyor

To calculate distances, surveyors must use precise measurements. They’re also in charge of calculating the angles and direction in between points. They also work with cartographers to create maps.If you want to find job opportunities for true perfectionists,surveying is a smart career choice. You can find all this job openings on job search sites like JobTonic, Ideed, Monster and others.

10.   Vet Technician

Vet technicians assist veterinarians in giving medical care to animals. Their job is to record information about the patient’s weight, food intake as well as their vital signs. In some cases, they may perform diagnostic tests and draw blood. If you have a love for animals, add vet technician to your job search list.

11.   Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are in charge of planning and organizing their clients’ weddings. It’s their job to make sure that everything goes perfectly on that special day. If you have a knack for organization and are a true people person, a wedding planner is a great career choice.


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No wonder because those works require perfectionism.